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Application of latex reclaimed rubber in sealing strip

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Application of latex reclaimed rubber in sealing strip

Latex reclaimed rubber is the most rubberized and volatile product in reclaimed rubber products. It replaces natural rubber to produce rubber products with different uses and different indexes, and achieves the purpose of reducing raw material cost; latex reclaimed rubber and natural rubber, neoprene, General-purpose rubbers such as styrene-butadiene rubber have good compatibility, and can be used to produce rubber sealing strips in natural-chloroprene-butyl benzoate rubber, or to produce medium and low-grade sealing strips. So which seals can be used to produce latex reclaimed rubber?

1. Application of latex reclaimed rubber in black sealing strip

Black rubber sealing strip is the most common type of sealing strip products. The black latex reclaimed rubber in latex reclaimed rubber is processed from variegated waste natural rubber and waste latex products. It is more than the same index of white latex reclaimed rubber and color. Latex reclaimed rubber produces more and lower prices, and the use of black seals can reduce the cost of production and eliminate the need for discoloration of black seals.

2. Application of latex reclaimed rubber in color sealing strip

The times are constantly developing, and people's pursuit of beauty is constantly improving. A single black and white rubber seal has long been unable to meet the needs of social development. More colored seals appear on the market; white latex reclaimed rubber is used in many black reclaimed rubber. The glue block is like a new green color, which brings a new opportunity to reduce the production cost of the color seal strip. The white latex reclaimed rubber has a white color and easy color matching. It can reduce the production cost and satisfy the color seal in the bright color seal. The performance requirements of the strip can also meet the 'color' requirements.

3. Application of latex reclaimed rubber in sponge sealing strip

The sponge sealing strip has small density, good elasticity, excellent cushioning performance and sealing performance, and is a commonly used sealing strip in various doors and windows. When using latex reclaimed rubber to produce sponge foam sealing strips, there are mainly two kinds of foam forming methods, one is continuous extrusion foaming and the other is molded foaming; in order to ensure uniform foaming of latex foam sealing strips, rubber products Regardless of which foam molding method is adopted, the manufacturer needs to use latex reclaimed rubber without any impurities. The extruded latex sponge sealing strip is preferably used with more than 60 mesh products to reduce the production cost of the sponge sealing strip while ensuring the processing technology of the product. The quality of the finished product.

The rubber sealing strip produced by latex reclaimed rubber has good elasticity, high mechanical strength and good sealing effect, but its own resistance to ozone, oil and chemical corrosion is low, so it can not be used for special use; if it is for production, it has special use. Rubber seals, rubber seal processing companies may wish to try EPDM reclaimed rubber, nitrile reclaimed rubber, butyl reclaimed rubber.