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Ways to improve the extrusion process of latex sponge strips

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Ways to improve the extrusion process of latex sponge strips

In theory, replacing the natural rubber with latex reclaimed rubber to produce sponge foam strip can reduce the production cost while ensuring the quality of the extruded strip. However, in the production process, the latex reclaimed rubber sponge strip is improperly selected or formulated. Improper design will result in the rubber strip not being extruded smoothly. Therefore, improving the latex sponge strip extrusion process is of great significance in reducing production cost, reducing resource waste, improving yield and production efficiency.

1, latex reclaimed rubber fineness

Generally, the requirement of reclaimed rubber for extruded rubber products is high fineness and no impurities, otherwise the extrusion process will not be carried out smoothly; when using latex reclaimed rubber to produce extruded sponge strips, the fineness of latex reclaimed rubber products will not only affect The extrusion performance of the rubber and the uniform foaming of the sponge rubber strip are also closely related to this; therefore, the rubber product manufacturer must select the latex with high fineness and no impurity when selecting the latex reclaimed rubber for the sponge strip. The glue ensures that the extruded rubber material is smoothly extruded, and the surface of the sponge rubber strip is uniformly foamed, smooth and shiny.

2, appropriate increase in the amount of glue

Latex sponge strips with low gel content will result in low viscosity and difficult molding. Therefore, rubber products manufacturers should choose high-glued latex reclaimed rubber when selecting raw materials, or use a certain amount of natural in the formula. The glue, such as tobacco sheet glue, further improves the sponge rubber extrusion process.

3, increase the amount of softener

The softener can improve the processing technology of the rubber compound, reduce the power consumption, and promote the uniform dispersion of the compounding agent. If the softener is used too little in the latex sponge strip formulation, the squeezing strip extrusion process will also be affected, wherein the grease can promote the filling. The agent is evenly dispersed, which can also improve the uniformity of the surface of the rubber compound and reduce the overflow of sulfur. The produced sponge strip has a small shrinkage rate and a large stiffness, and an appropriate amount of softener such as paraffin oil can be used, and a certain proportion of the grease can be used to improve the sponge. Strip extrusion process.

4, reduce the amount of filler

Filler is one of the ways for rubber manufacturers to reduce the cost of raw materials. Increasing the amount of softener in the formula can increase the volume of the product, thereby increasing economic efficiency; however, the excessive amount of filler will not only lead to a decrease in the physical and mechanical properties of the latex compound, but also decrease The viscosity of the rubber compound affects the extrusion process of the latex reclaimed rubber sponge strip. Therefore, rubber product manufacturers need to appropriately reduce the amount of filler.

To improve the latex sponge strip extrusion process, it is also necessary to adjust the vulcanization speed and foaming speed reasonably, improve the process operation process, strengthen the standardized management of the latex reclaimed rubber styrofoam strip production, and ensure the smooth extrusion of the latex sponge strip.