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Latex reclaimed rubber mixing three "why"

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Latex reclaimed rubber mixing three "why"

The use of latex reclaimed rubber production of natural rubber products can not only ensure product quality, but also reduce raw material costs, but also save on electricity costs, is a go-it-alone option. However, for some products that are not familiar with latex reclaimed rubber, there are a lot of questions about the rubber reclaimed rubber mixing. Now, together with Xiaobian, let's take a look at these "why" reasons!

The first question: latex reclaimed rubber mixing why the final addition of softener?

Latex reclaimed rubber mixing process, if you first add the liquid softener, it will over-expansive latex reclaimed rubber, thus affecting the mechanical friction between rubber molecules and fillers, reducing the rubber compounding speed, but also can cause the powder Scattered uneven, or even clump, so when the latex reclaimed rubber is generally added the final liquid softener.

The second question: latex rubber compound rubber compound placed for a long time Why "self-sulfur"?

There are mainly four reasons for the self-sulfur latex produced from long-term storage of rubber compound for rubber reclaimed rubber: ① excessive amount of vulcanizing agent and accelerator; ② large plasticizing capacity, high temperature of rubber mixing machine and insufficient film cooling; ③ too early Plus sulfur, uneven distribution of medicinal agents and sulfur to promote local concentration; ④ improper parking, that is, the parking place temperature is too high, the air does not flow and so on. Therefore, latex reclaimed rubber either in the mixing process or after mixing parked, must be very careful.

Third question: Why mixer mixing rubber latex recycled rubber to have pressure?

Latex reclaimed rubber mixing process, mixer mixing room in addition to latex reclaimed rubber and pharmaceutical materials, there is a considerable part of the gap exists, if the pressure is insufficient, the reclaimed rubber and drug material will not get enough friction kneading, Resulting in uneven mixing; and increase the pressure, the plastic material will be up and down by a strong friction kneading, so that the reclaimed rubber and compound quickly mixed. In theory, the greater the pressure, the better, but due to equipment and other constraints, in fact, the pressure can not be unlimited, in general, the wind pressure to 6Kg / cm2 or so as well.

Tire reclaimed rubber, EPDM reclaimed rubber, butyronitrile reclaimed rubber, butyl reclaimed rubber and other products and latex reclaimed rubber mixing process roughly the same, rubber products companies can refer to this article latex reclaimed rubber mixing process need attention to the problem Formulate the appropriate mixing program, if you still do not understand the place, you can always discuss with our technical staff.

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