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Improve the production efficiency of recycled rubber products - reduce the time of filler mixing

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Improve the production efficiency of recycled rubber products - reduce the time of filler mixing

Increasing the vulcanization temperature and shortening the vulcanization time is the main way to increase the production efficiency of reclaimed rubber products manufacturers. However, in actual production, the vulcanization temperature is impossible to increase without limit, otherwise the quality of reclaimed rubber products will be seriously degraded, so rubber products manufacturers There are also other ways to increase production efficiency, such as reducing the time required for rubber fillers to mix. The rubber filler is the most used compounding agent in the production process of recycled rubber products. The mixing time of different kinds of fillers is different.

1. Choose the right kind of rubber packing

Carbon black is a typical reinforcing filler, and it is also the most used rubber filler in the processing of reclaimed rubber products. (This article uses carbon black as an example to share with you how to reduce the mixing time of rubber filler in reclaimed rubber). Uniform dispersion can improve the processing technology of the rubber compound and improve the physical and mechanical strength of the recycled rubber product such as tensile strength. Generally, the lower the specific surface area and the lower the degree of structure, the shorter the carbon black mixing time, but the dispersibility of the two types of carbon black in the reclaimed rubber is not good; the lower the carbon black filling amount in the reclaimed rubber, the shorter the mixing time. In order to ensure that the carbon black is uniformly dispersed in the reclaimed rubber and plays a good reinforcing role, the reclaimed rubber product manufacturer needs to select a suitable kind of carbon black to find a balance between the mixing time and the filling amount.

2. Use aromatic oil

Recycled rubber products not only need reinforcing fillers and non-reinforcing fillers in the processing process, but also need to be filled with appropriate amount of rubber oil; rubber oil can improve rubber elasticity and flexibility during the processing of recycled rubber products, and promote rubber fillers. Uniform dispersion in reclaimed rubber; different types of rubber oil have different effects in the production of reclaimed rubber products. When the aromatic hydrocarbon oil containing benzene ring structure is used as the operating oil in reclaimed rubber products, it can effectively promote the mixing of rubber filler in the rubber compound. Dispersion, thereby reducing the mixing time of the filler and improving the production efficiency of the recycled rubber product.

3. Add other kinds of processing aids

The choice of rubber fillers and aromatic oils with appropriate specific surface area and proper structural properties can reduce the mixing time of rubber fillers to a certain extent, but these effects are not particularly obvious. Rubber product manufacturers can also choose to add special processing aids. For example, trans-polyoctene rubber can promote the uniform dispersion of rubber filler in reclaimed rubber. The fatty amine processing aid and vinyl acetate wax additive can reduce the mixing time of high-filling fine particle carbon black, and can also extend the mixing time. To increase the degree of dispersion of carbon black in the reclaimed rubber.

There are many kinds of reclaimed rubber products, and the molecular structure, performance characteristics and filling performance of different kinds of reclaimed rubbers are very different. Therefore, when selecting the method to reduce the mixing time of rubber fillers, it is necessary to analyze the specific products, not to be generalized, such as three yuan B. C reclaimed rubber can also reduce the ethylene content and affect the melting endotherm distribution through metallocene catalysis technology to reduce the rubber filler mixing time. The production process of reclaimed rubber and the processing technology of reclaimed rubber products are constantly improving. There must be more ways to reduce the time for rubber fillers to be mixed in the reclaimed rubber, and more and more methods for improving the production efficiency of reclaimed rubber products will be added.