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The role of common silica fillers in reclaimed rubber products 3

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The role of common silica fillers in reclaimed rubber products 3

When using reclaimed rubber to produce rubber products, clay, talc powder, and mica powder are commonly used rubber fillers; in addition, dolomite powder, attapulgite powder, and Haicang stone may be used in the production of some special rubber products. Even cotton. So what role will these rubber fillers play in recycled rubber products? What problems should be paid attention to in the production process of recycled rubber products using these fillers? The editor continues to discuss with you today.

7. Dolomite powder

The main component of dolomite powder is calcium and magnesium carbonate, which is easy to disperse evenly in the rubber compound. It can increase the stiffness of the rubber compound when filled as a filler in reclaimed rubber products; when reclaimed rubber is used to produce white rubber products, dolomite powder can also be used as a white pigment Compatibilizer; Dolomite powder is a powdered rubber filler crushed from natural dolomite powder 2LLYY717. Dolomite can produce general-purpose modified calcium-magnesium powder for rubber, replacing light calcium as a filler for rubber products.

8. Attapulgite powder

Attapulgite is a water-containing magnesium-rich aluminum silicate clay mineral with a chain layer structure. It is often used in rubber soles as a filler for recycled rubber products. It can increase the permeability and deodorization of the rubber. It has certain anti-skid and anti-slip properties. Sticky properties. After the attapulgite powder is modified with titanate, it has better compatibility with reclaimed rubber and can be evenly dispersed in the rubber compound. In actual production, it can replace part of carbon black or white carbon black as reclaimed rubber hose and rubber shoes. 3. The reinforcing agent in the adhesive tape improves the physical and mechanical properties of the recycled rubber products.

When using silicate rubber fillers in recycled rubber products, rubber product manufacturers not only need to understand the different roles of various silica rubber fillers in rubber products, but also need to master the price of these rubber fillers in advance; The use of expensive rubber fillers in reclaimed rubber products such as reclaimed rubber sheets is not suitable for finished products. In actual production, manufacturers of reclaimed rubber products may also use silica rubber fillers such as haicang stone and asbestos. Due to the small amount of use, the editor will not elaborate here.

It should be noted that excessive use of clay in reclaimed rubber products will cause frost. Too much clay in black reclaimed rubber products will cause the surface of the product to become white and dull. Therefore, the amount of clay in reclaimed rubber products needs to be reasonably controlled; other two The amount of silicon oxide rubber compounding agent also needs to be reasonably controlled to further reduce raw material costs and save electricity and electricity costs while ensuring the quality of recycled rubber products.