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Example of a base formula for butyl rubber products using butyl reclaimed rubber

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Example of a base formula for butyl rubber products using butyl reclaimed rubber

The butyl reclaimed rubber processed from waste butyl inner tube has excellent air tightness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and damping absorption performance, and can replace all kinds of rubber products of butyl rubber to achieve cost reduction. Butyl reclaimed rubber is widely used in the rubber products industry. Different types of butyl reclaimed rubber products need different matching systems to match, but they are not separated from each other. Xiaobian today shares with you that butyl reclaimed rubber is common in rubber products. Two cooperation systems.

Base formula of butyl reclaimed rubber: 100 parts of butyl reclaimed rubber, 6 parts of carbon black, 7 parts of rubber oil, 50 parts of rubber filler, 3 parts of accelerator, 1.5 parts of sulfur, and 3 parts of zinc oxide.

Butyl reclaimed rubber base formula 2: butyl reclaimed rubber 100 parts, carbon black 10 parts, rubber oil 8 parts, rubber filler 50 parts, accelerator 3 parts, phenolic resin 5 parts, PA 6 parts.

When producing rubber products using butyl reclaimed rubber, the sulfur-thiuram vulcanization system and the phenolic resin vulcanization system are most commonly used at present. When butyl rubber is selected for sulfur vulcanization, butyl reclaimed rubber products manufacturers usually choose sulfur/promoter M/accelerator TMTD, and thiuram accelerator TMTD and thiazole accelerator M together to better adjust butyl reclaimed rubber. Degree of vulcanization and vulcanization efficiency; butyl regenerative rubber products are usually used in combination with thiazole accelerator DM and thiuram accelerator TMTD.

Different types of butyl reclaimed rubber products have different mechanical strengths and need to be matched with different reinforcing filling systems. At present, the compounding agent used in the reinforcing filling system commonly used in butyl reclaimed rubber 1JLYY1021 products is carbon black, calcium carbonate, clay, etc., wherein when the butyl reclaimed rubber product requires high mechanical strength, it may be desirable to select high abrasion resistant carbon black and medium super wear resistant. Carbon black or super-abrasive carbon black; butyl reclaimed rubber requires a semi-reinforcing carbon black when the rubber has good elongation at break; butyl reclaimed rubber can produce calcium carbonate in large quantities when producing low-cost rubber products. , clay, talcum powder, etc.; in order to further improve the quality of butyl reclaimed rubber products, rubber products manufacturers can also choose modified calcium carbonate when necessary.

The rubber oil commonly used in the softening system of butyl reclaimed rubber products is aromatic oil, mechanical oil, etc. Among them, the aromatic oil can not only increase the adhesiveness of the reclaimed rubber, but also does not significantly reduce the mechanical strength of the rubber. The butyl reclaimed rubber after vulcanization with aromatic oil is used. Vulcanized rubber has good process performance; however, in the actual application process, special attention should be paid to the influence of aromatic oil on the heat generation of butyl reclaimed rubber vulcanizate.

Reasonable design of butyl reclaimed rubber products can not only reduce costs, but also further optimize the comprehensive index and service life of butyl reclaimed rubber products.