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Reasons and effects of selecting butyl reclaimed rubber for sponge tires

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Reasons and effects of selecting butyl reclaimed rubber for sponge tires

Sponge tires made from natural rubber as the main raw material are lacking in ozone resistance, weather resistance and heat resistance, resulting in serious shrinkage of the life of natural rubber sponge tires. In response to this problem, sponge tire manufacturers began to Add butyl reclaimed rubber processed from waste butyl products to the raw materials. Why? What role does butyl reclaimed rubber play in the production of sponge tires?

1. Reasons for choosing butyl reclaimed rubber for sponge tires

1 Recycled rubber commonly used in the market is latex reclaimed rubber, tire reclaimed rubber, nitrile reclaimed rubber, butyl reclaimed rubber and EPDM reclaimed rubber. From the compatibility point of view, latex reclaimed rubber has the best compatibility with natural rubber. In terms of production cost, tire reclaimed rubber has the lowest price. From the special performance, nitrile reclaimed rubber has excellent oil resistance. EPDM reclaimed rubber is resistant to high and low temperature and anti-aging. So why choose butyl reclaimed rubber alone? This is because butyl reclaimed rubber has high air tightness, low air permeability, heat resistance, ozone resistance and chemical resistance. Relatively speaking, the comprehensive performance can best meet the demand of sponge tires, which can significantly improve the airtightness of sponge tires. Temperature resistance and aging resistance.

2 Speaking of this, you may ask, why not choose butyl rubber, know that the comprehensive index of butyl rubber is higher than that of butyl reclaimed rubber. Isn't it better to improve the overall performance of sponge tires? This is related to its compatibility: natural rubber has unsaturated double bonds, and butyl rubber itself has a slower vulcanization rate and a poor compatibility compared with high unsaturation rubber. In contrast, butyl reclaimed rubber has natural rubber. Good compatibility, so the sponge tires with natural rubber as the main raw material are selected from butyl reclaimed rubber.

2. The role of butyl reclaimed rubber in sponge tires

1 butyl reclaimed rubber is mainly processed from waste butyl inner tube, retaining most of the molecular structure characteristics of butyl rubber, which can significantly improve the ozone resistance, gas permeability, heat resistance and chemical stability of sponge tires. Sponge tire service life; 2 butyl reclaimed rubber has the original performance characteristics of butyl rubber, its own fluidity, small shrinkage, high stability, good vulcanization performance, can be used in sponge tire formulations to improve product dimensional stability , scorch safety, reduce production energy consumption; 3 the price of butyl reclaimed rubber products on the market is generally lower than natural rubber, and can also reduce the cost of sponge tire compound to a certain extent.