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Application of butyl chloride reclaimed rubber in rubber sun visor

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Application of butyl chloride reclaimed rubber in rubber sun visor

Rubber sunscreen as its name suggests is used to prevent "sun", so the rubber itself is resistant to sunlight, ozone, and heat aging. General-purpose rubbers such as natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, etc. The rubber type can not meet the performance requirements of the sun visor. In the actual processing process, it is necessary to use chlorinated butyl rubber with good aging resistance and ozone crack resistance and natural rubber. At present, many rubber enterprises have introduced a kind of sun visor. Can replace the chlorobutyl rubber product - butyl chloride reclaimed rubber, why?

First of all, let's take a look at why natural rubber can be used together with chlorobutyl rubber to produce sun visors and achieve good results:

Chlorinated butyl rubber is a rubber type obtained by introducing chlorine gas into a butyl rubber solution. The chlorination in the preparation process takes place in the isoprene portion, and most of them are chlorine substitution reactions, and the butyl rubber has The double bond structure is preserved; when the natural rubber and the chlorinated butyl rubber are used together, the vulcanizing agent is only consumed in the vulcanization of the natural rubber portion, and the vulcanization effect is good; the chlorinated butyl rubber is generally crosslinked by its own chlorine. Therefore, the rubber sun visor produced has good sunlight resistance, atmospheric resistance and ozone resistance. Chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber is processed from medical butyl stopper. It has light color, high plasticity and good elasticity. It can replace chlorobutyl rubber with typical unsaturated rubber-natural rubber and improve rubber compound. Vulcanization performance, reducing production costs.

In order to ensure the good performance of the sun visor, the rubber product manufacturer will use the chlorinated butyl rubber and some of the chlorinated butyl rubber in the rubber to replace the gram-butyl reclaimed rubber with the thiura-like accelerator. The agent TMTD), the thiazole accelerator (accelerator DM) and the thiourea are used together to further improve the sunlight and aging resistance of the rubber sun visor. The vulcanization mechanism of the sunscreen board with the butyl chloride reclaimed rubber and the natural rubber/chlorinated butyl rubber is basically the same. The promoter TMTD and the accelerator DM are cross-linked with the natural rubber rubber, the chlorine atom in the chlorobutyl rubber/recycled rubber is reacted and vulcanized with zinc oxide and thiourea, and the vulcanized rubber with the rubber has excellent aging resistance.

In natural rubber / chlorobutyl rubber / chlorobutyl reclaimed rubber and sunscreen formula, chlorobutyl reclaimed rubber has both chlorinated butyl rubber structural characteristics and performance characteristics, and the price is lower than the original rubber, the replacement part Chlorinated butyl rubber not only guarantees the quality of rubber sunscreens, but also reduces production costs.