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Formula design of natural rubber / latex recycled combined production belt 1

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Formula design of natural rubber / latex recycled combined production belt 1

Latex reclaimed rubber has high effective hydrocarbon content, high mechanical strength, and good elasticity. It can directly replace natural rubber or be used with natural rubber to produce various rubber products, reducing raw material costs. When latex reclaimed rubber is used in the formula of natural rubber transmission belts, the rubber product manufacturers can adjust the formula to optimize the comprehensive performance of the transmission belt, further increase the amount of reclaimed rubber, and reduce more raw material costs. So in actual production, how to design natural rubber / latex reclaimed rubber production belt formula? What problems should be paid attention to when designing different adhesive layers?

When natural rubber and latex reclaimed rubber are used in combination to prepare each rubber layer of a cost-effective transmission belt, due to the different performance requirements of different rubber layers, different coordination systems are needed.

1. Design of transmission belt vulcanization system

Ordinary rubber transmission belts generally use sulfur vulcanization, in which the cloth layer rubbing requires the rubber to have good fixed tensile stress, good vulcanization flatness during vulcanization, proper vulcanization speed, and no scorch. You can use accelerator M and accelerator D together. Or use sulfenamide accelerator and accelerator M together; use sulfur vulcanization for the sealing rubber of the transmission belt, which can be combined with the accelerator M and the accelerator D; for the rubber of the transmission belt, the rubber vulcanization rate is required to be slower than that of the sealing rubber. The accelerator DM is used together; the vulcanization system of the side glue is basically the same as the sealing glue.

Zinc oxide can be used as activator, accelerator, reinforcing agent and oxidizing agent in the formulation of rubber products, and can also improve the thermal conductivity of the rubber compound; the transmission belt cloth layer rubber 2LLYY512 has strict requirements on the heat dissipation of the rubber compound. The amount of zinc oxide is increased to 10-15 parts, which further improves the thermal conductivity of the rubber compound and extends the service life of the transmission belt.

2. Design of transmission belt reinforcement system

When using natural rubber / latex reclaimed rubber to produce rubber transmission belts, rubber product manufacturers can use 40-50 parts of semi-reinforced carbon black for reinforcement, which has the dual function of reinforcement and filling, giving the transmission belt each rubber layer high stretch Long rate, low heat generation, high elasticity and good aging resistance; the sealant requires fast curing and low fluidity of the compound to ensure the appearance quality. 20-50 parts of magnesium carbonate can be used in the reinforcement filling system , Improve the mechanical strength of the rubber while reducing the fluidity of the rubber.

When natural rubber / latex reclaimed rubber is used in conjunction with rubber to prepare a cost-effective rubber transmission belt, rubber product manufacturers also need to adjust the softening system and anti-aging system formula according to actual needs; for transmission belts that require bright colors, an appropriate amount of pigments are needed. Share the design skills of natural rubber / latex recycling and other matching systems for the production of transmission belts.