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High-performance low-cost motorcycle tire tread rubber preparation method

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High-performance low-cost motorcycle tire tread rubber preparation method

For the tire tread rubber of motorcycles, it is particularly important to improve the friction coefficient of the tread rubber. Therefore, measures to reduce the production cost of the tire tread rubber of the motorcycle also need to be carried out under the premise of ensuring the wear resistance of the rubber compound to ensure the motorcycle. The driving safety of the tire in the service life; then in the actual production, how can the rubber product manufacturers improve the wear resistance of the motorcycle tread rubber and reduce the production cost? How to prepare high performance and low cost motorcycle tire tread rubber?

With the continuous improvement of the technical requirements of various rubber products, the method of reducing the production cost of rubber products by filling a large amount of rubber filler can no longer meet the performance requirements of rubber products, and the use of waste rubber renewable resources has become the mainstream method; therefore, many motorcycle tire manufacturers Under the premise of ensuring the physical properties of the tread rubber based on wear resistance, an appropriate amount of tire reclaimed rubber or waste tire rubber powder is added.

1. Use high performance tire reclaimed rubber

Tire reclaimed rubber is a renewable resource that has been processed by many complicated processes such as crushing, desulfurization and refining. The product index is closely related to the preparation and production process of waste tires. Among them, large tire tread rubber powder is used as raw material and processed by advanced production technology. The high-strength tire tread reclaimed rubber product has higher strength and elasticity than the ordinary tire reclaimed rubber. It can improve the tear strength and flex resistance of the product in the production of rubber products; therefore, the tire tread rubber in the motorcycle tire The use of high-performance tire reclaimed rubber such as tread reclaimed rubber can not only ensure the physical properties of the tread rubber, but also reduce the production cost. It is an ideal way to prepare a cost-effective motorcycle tread rubber.

2. Use high index waste tire rubber powder

Tire rubber powder is another way to recycle waste tires. It can be used to reduce the cost of raw materials in the tire tread rubber formula. Among them, the high-grade waste tire rubber powder which can maintain the original physical and mechanical properties of the rubber powder, such as activated rubber powder, activated modified rubber powder or ultra-fine rubber powder, which is processed by using appropriate amount of high-quality waste tires in the tread rubber, is basically not It will affect the wear resistance of motorcycle tire tread rubber, and can be used to prepare high-performance, low-cost motorcycle tire tread rubber; the amount of rubber powder is determined according to the physical properties of rubber powder and the specific needs of motorcycle tread rubber. Generally, the amount of activated rubber powder and ultrafine rubber powder is more than that of ordinary fine rubber powder.

Choosing the right kind of tire reclaimed rubber and waste tire rubber powder, combined with the use of reasonable rubber product formula, can reduce the low cost of motorcycle tire tread rubber quality, and can produce high-performance, low-cost motorcycle tires. Tread rubber is not a problem.