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Common uses and functions of EPDM vulcanized rubber powder 2

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Common uses and functions of EPDM vulcanized rubber powder 2

EPDM powder processed from waste EPDM rubber products, EPDM vulcanized rubber or EPDM rubber products can be blended with polypropylene to prepare thermoplastic elastomers with better performance, and can also be used Modification of cement mortar; reasonable use of EPDM vulcanized rubber powder in the process of use can always achieve unexpected results. Xiaobian continues to discuss with you other uses, effects, and application considerations of EPDM vulcanized rubber powder.

3. EPDM powder is used for polypropylene modification

EPDM vulcanized rubber powder retains the basic characteristics of rubber: good elasticity. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic synthetic resin with excellent properties, colorless and translucent thermoplastic lightweight general-purpose plastic, which can be widely used in machinery, automobiles, electronic appliances, construction, textile, packaging, agriculture, forestry and fisheries. In actual production, the addition of a small amount of EPDM vulcanized rubber powder to the PP material can improve the physical comprehensive index and thermal stability of the PP material.

Generally, the amount of EPDM powder in PP material can be controlled at 15-20 parts. When the amount of EPDM powder blended is about 15 parts, the tensile strength, bending strength, tearing and stretching Indexes such as length ratio can be increased; continue to increase the amount of EPDM powder, the impact strength of thermoplastic elastomer 2LLYY69 increases, but the tensile strength and bending strength decrease significantly, the EPDM powder/pp composite material The melt fluidity deteriorates and at the same time the thermal stability is significantly improved. Therefore, when using EPDM powder to modify polypropylene, it is necessary to find a balance between various indicators.

4. EPDM powder is used in cement mortar

EPDM vulcanized rubber powder has good elasticity, excellent ozone resistance and high and low temperature resistance. It can replace river sand in cement mortar to improve the deformation resistance, early crack resistance, anti-freezing and erosion ability and dry and wet cycle resistance of hardened mortar. Etc., to reduce the apparent density and thermal conductivity of the mortar. It should be noted that excessive amount of EPDM vulcanized rubber powder will cause the mechanical properties of cement mortar to be significantly reduced, the shrinkage deformation value of mortar will increase, and the crack resistance, frost erosion resistance and dry and wet cycle resistance of mortar will decrease. Other compounding agents can be added to improve this problem.

EPDM vulcanized rubber powder is widely used in rubber products, rubber and plastic materials and non-rubber and plastics industries. As a rubber raw material, rubber filler or modifier, it can achieve good results. Later, we will continue to discuss with you the use and skills of EPDM vulcanizate powder in various rubber and plastic industries and non-rubber and plastic industries.