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Recycled plastic environmentally friendly accelerator which

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Recycled plastic environmentally friendly accelerator which

The use of reclaimed rubber production of environmentally friendly rubber products, not only environmentally friendly reclaimed rubber, a variety of additives also have to be environmentally friendly, such as reclaimed rubber production play an important role in the accelerator. So what kind of accelerator is environmentally friendly accelerator? How to determine whether the accelerator product is environmentally friendly? Which environmentally friendly accelerator products, how to choose?

As with environmentally friendly recycled rubber, environmentally friendly accelerator is in the production and processing of non-polluting, non-radioactive, non-permeable, does not produce toxic gas accelerator products, generally only meet the following two criteria of the accelerator is environmentally friendly Accelerator:

1, the promoter material is environmentally friendly raw materials, which does not contain nitrosamines and other harmful substances;

2, the accelerator in the curing process and processing will not produce or residual nitrosamines and other harmful substances; production process without harmful substances excluded, the entire production process will not cause pollution to the environment.

There are many products of environment-friendly accelerators, and the effects of different environmentally-friendly accelerators are different. Therefore, the rubber products enterprises must choose the most suitable environmentally-friendly accelerators according to their formulation design and product performance requirements at the time of selection:

For example, TiBTD is an overdrive accelerator with good vulcanization performance but low strength and sulfidation without sulfur. ZBEC is an overrun accelerator and can be used to replace PZ, EZ, ZDBC, TMTM, etc. ZDTP is a fast vulcanization accelerator and can be used in half Transparent rubber products; ZBPD is a quick auxiliary accelerator; TiBTM can be used to replace TS accelerator; TBZTD accelerator can replace TMTD-like thiuram accelerator, and so on.

In addition to environmentally friendly accelerator, environmentally friendly recycled plastic products and the production process also need environmentally friendly curing agent, environmentally friendly softener, environmentally friendly filler, rubber products companies must be careful choice.