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The role of common silica fillers in reclaimed rubber products 1

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The role of common silica fillers in reclaimed rubber products 1

Silica fillers are widely used in the production of rubber products, and have an irreplaceable role in recycled rubber products. Clay, talc, mica powder, wollastonite, etc. are typical silica fillers. They are used in the production of recycled rubber products. The process plays different roles. So in actual production, what other common rubber fillers are silica fillers, and what specific role do they play in the production of recycled rubber products?

1. clay

Clay is the most widely used silicate in the rubber products industry. Reclaimed rubber filled with clay has higher viscosity, more stiffness, and smaller shrinkage. It can further improve the processing performance of reclaimed rubber and the smoothness of the extrudate surface. The surface of the clay contains a large number of hydroxy hydrophilic groups. After being modified with a silane coupling agent, the clay can be changed from hydrophilic to lipophilic; the reclaimed rubber uses stearic acid and a silane coupling agent to modify the clay. The indicators such as elongation at break are higher; the dispersion of the modified clay in the reclaimed rubber is better, which can enhance the interface between the filler and the rubber, and then improve the mechanical properties of the reclaimed rubber product.

2. Talc powder

The main component of talc powder is hydrous magnesium silicate, which is mostly used as reinforced and modified filler in the rubber product industry. It has high whiteness and strong dispersibility in reclaimed rubber, which can increase the dimensional stability of reclaimed rubber products, improve product tension and flexion. Flexural strength, elongation, etc., reduce deformation. In the actual production process, talc powder is also used as a separator and surface treatment agent for recycled rubber products. When used as a reinforcing agent, talc powder is mainly used in nitrile reclaimed rubber products, butyl reclaimed rubber products, ethylene-propylene reclaimed rubber products, etc. It is more widely used in acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and heat-resistant rubber products.

3. Wollastonite

Wollastonite is a single-chain silicate mineral with a slight grayish white color. It is used as a filler in recycled rubber products and has a certain reinforcing effect. It can improve the impact strength and tensile strength of recycled rubber, increase the fluidity of rubber, and improve The friction resistance and heat resistance of recycled rubber products. Wollastonite 2LLYY715 after superfine modification treatment has better reinforcing effect in reclaimed rubber, which can obviously improve the mechanical properties of reclaimed rubber products. The tear strength and hardness of reclaimed rubber vulcanized rubber are close to white carbon black; rubber products The plant generally uses stearic acid to modify wollastonite.

There are many types of silicate rubber fillers, and tomorrow I will continue to discuss with you the role of other varieties of silicate rubber fillers in recycled rubber products.