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Butyl reclaimed rubber used in inner tubes of heavy-duty vehicles

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Butyl reclaimed rubber used in inner tubes of heavy-duty vehicles

Heavy-duty vehicles have high carrying capacity and high heat generation during driving. In order to ensure safe driving, more use of radial tires with good adhesion, puncture resistance, good cushioning performance and good heat dissipation are required for the rubber used in radial tires. At the same time, it is also necessary to use the matching inner tube suitable for driving at high speed and high temperature. Then, can the butyl reclaimed rubber be used in the inner tube of the load vehicle like the other inner tube products, and what problems should be paid attention to during the use?

1. butyl reclaimed rubber can be used in the inner tube of a heavy-duty vehicle.

As we all know, natural rubber has good elasticity and mechanical strength. It is the most commonly used rubber raw material in rubber products. However, the inner tube products processed from natural rubber are relatively resistant to gas permeability, heat resistance and aging resistance. Poor, it is very unfavorable for heavy-duty vehicles driving at high temperature and high speed for a long time; butyl rubber has good air tightness, heat resistance, ozone resistance and aging resistance, but the market price is high; butyl reclaimed rubber is waste butyl rubber. The product processed by the product retains the original performance characteristics of butyl rubber, and its price is much lower than that of butyl rubber; therefore, in terms of performance and cost, rubber products manufacturers can use butyl rubber and butyl reclaimed rubber. And use the production of the inner tube of the load vehicle.

2. Ratio of butyl reclaimed rubber in the inner tube of the load vehicle

Butyl reclaimed rubber is processed from waste butyl inner tube. As a rubber material for recycling and recycling of waste rubber resources, its physical and mechanical properties are different from those of butyl rubber, and the mechanical strength requirements of rubber tires for rubber tires. Especially high, so the proportion of butyl reclaimed rubber should not be too high, generally the amount of butyl reclaimed rubber is controlled between 15-20% of the total amount of rubber used; in order to further improve the heat resistance of butyl inner tube, Anti-aging, relieve the problem of soft and sticky butyl inner tube, rubber products manufacturers can add a certain proportion of EPDM rubber or reclaimed rubber. Ps: The proportion of butyl rubber is between 64 and 73%, and the ratio of ethylene propylene rubber is controlled between 11 and 15%.

3. Production process of inner tube of truck with butyl reclaimed rubber

In actual production, rubber products manufacturers can add butyl rubber, butyl reclaimed rubber, EPDM rubber and the required compounding agents such as vulcanization, zinc oxide, petroleum resin and paraffin oil to the mixer. After refining and mixing, pass the filter and filter the joint of the joint machine. After being parked for a period of time (usually 30 minutes), it will be vulcanized in the vulcanizer.

4. Demand for butyl reclaimed rubber used in inner tubes of heavy-duty vehicles

Compared with butyl rubber, butyl reclaimed rubber products have low price, good fluidity, low plasticity, and low power consumption during use. But butyl reclaimed rubber is easy to mix impurities in the production process, and the butyl inner tube of the truck is The rubber tightness and mechanical strength of the rubber used are very high. Therefore, when the rubber product manufacturer chooses the butyl reclaimed rubber for the inner tire of the load vehicle, it is necessary to select the high-density and high-strength butyl reclaimed rubber product (such as the brand It is good to base the inner tube as the raw material through 80 mesh filtered butyl reclaimed rubber), and choose to cooperate with the regular reclaimed rubber factory to ensure the stability of the butyl reclaimed rubber product, and lay a good foundation for the quality and production conditions of the load vehicle inner tire.