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Is chlorobutyl reclaimed rubber suitable for the production of waterproof membranes?

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Is chlorobutyl reclaimed rubber suitable for the production of waterproof membranes?

The butyl reclaimed rubber on the market mainly includes butyl inner tube reclaimed rubber processed from waste butyl inner tube and butyl chloride reclaimed rubber processed from butyl medical cap stopper and butyl rubber stopper. Among them, chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber has many inorganic fillers, less butyl rubber content, and does not contain carbon black, anti-aging agent and other compounding agents. Therefore, many people think that such reclaimed rubber cannot be used in the production of waterproof coiled materials. Is this really true? Can chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber produce waterproof membranes?

At present, in addition to ordinary butyl rubber, butyl rubber on the market also has green belt economic rubber or bromobutyl rubber, wherein bromobutyl rubber is an isobutylene and isoprene copolymer elastomer containing active bromine. It retains the basic saturated backbone of butyl rubber and has many properties of butyl polymer, such as high mechanical strength, good shock absorption, excellent aging resistance and low permeability, and rubber type chlorination. Polyethylene and chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber have good compatibility and complementarity. The three are designed by using a reasonable vulcanization system and reinforcing system to prepare waterproofing membranes that meet the relevant standards.

Using butyl chloride reclaimed rubber as the main raw material, and using a small amount of bromobutyl rubber and chlorinated polyethylene, it is combined with carbon black, solid coumarone, tetramethylthiuram disulfide, zinc oxide and other complexing agents. Among them: chlorinated polyethylene is well loaded; bromobutyl rubber and butyl chloride reclaimed rubber have the same molecular structure and good complementarity; while butyl chloride reclaimed rubber forms polarities such as carboxyl groups in the production process. Functional star-shaped macromolecules and small particles with polar groups can be compatible, complementary, and maintain good with elastomers with polar molecular structure such as chlorinated polyethylene and bromobutyl rubber, ensuring good waterproofing membranes. Performance and service life.

Chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber production waterproofing membrane suitable formula (parts by mass): chlorobutyl rubber, 80-100 parts; chlorinated polyethylene, 3-30 parts; bromobutyl rubber, 0.5-10 parts; charcoal Black, 10-30 parts; solid coumarone, 2-5 parts; tetramethylthiuram disulfide, 0.5-2 parts; zinc oxide, 0.5-2 parts; other compounding agents.

The high quality butyl chloride reclaimed rubber is gray solid block, with good elasticity, high plasticity, suitable Mooney viscosity, odorless and pollution-free. It can reduce production cost and improve waterproofing roll in the production of waterproof coiled material. The vulcanization properties and anti-aging properties of the rubber compound are ideal materials for replacing the butyl rubber to produce waterproof membrane.