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IIR reclaimed rubber as filling to improve the properties of natural rubber products

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IIR reclaimed rubber as filling to improve the properties of natural rubber products

Natural rubber has excellent mechanical strength, good handle elasticity, flexibility resistance and electrical insulation properties at room temperature. It has little hysteresis loss and low heat generation during multiple deformation in the production of rubber products. Molecular structure and performance characteristics, good air tightness, heat resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, filling in natural rubber products can significantly improve the performance of the products.

Perhaps you will say: Butyl reclaimed rubber is also a kind of rubber. Why can't it be used as raw rubber in the processing of natural rubber products? Butyl reclaimed rubber has low unsaturation and retains the advantages of butyl rubber. It also has the same problem as butyl rubber: the vulcanization reaction is slow, so when butyl reclaimed rubber is used as a raw rubber and natural rubber, the compound is used. The crosslink density in the natural rubber phase is too large, and there are some essential differences in some performance characteristics. Therefore, although the heat-resistant oxygen aging property and flex cracking property of the rubber compound are slightly improved, the effect is not large; The base reclaimed rubber is added as a filler to the production of natural rubber products, and the difference in vulcanization properties between the butyl reclaimed rubber and the natural rubber is not considered, and the heat-resistant oxygen aging property and the flex crack resistance of the blend rubber can be significantly improved. Therefore, when the natural rubber product enterprise uses the butyl reclaimed rubber in the production of the product, the butyl reclaimed rubber can be filled into the natural rubber product formulation in a suitable ratio as a filler.

In addition to improving the thermal and oxidative aging resistance and flexural cracking resistance of natural rubber products, butyl reclaimed rubber can also improve the tensile strength, hardness and tensile stress of natural rubber products; but at the same time, it will lead to the tearing strength, elongation at break and wear resistance of natural rubber products to be reduced, so production Enterprises must reasonably control the filling amount of butyl reclaimed rubber in natural rubber products (about 15 phr), improve the performance of natural rubber at the same time to minimize the negative impact of butyl reclaimed rubber.

Butyl reclaimed rubber can be filled not only in natural rubber products but also in styrene-butadiene rubber and butadiene rubber to improve the heat-resistant oxygen aging and flex crack resistance of the rubber; although butyl regeneration Glue as raw rubber and natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber and other non-polar unsaturated rubber are not as effective as fillers, but in some cases, butyl reclaimed rubber must be used as raw rubber. In this type of rubber, the overall performance of rubber products is improved. Whether butyl reclaimed rubber is added as a filler or as a raw rubber to a non-polar unsaturated rubber such as natural rubber, the tensile strength, tear strength and wear resistance of the blended rubber are reduced, so it must be Reasonably control the amount of butyl reclaimed rubber.