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Formula design and practical formula of butyl inner tube mixed with reclaimed butyl rubber

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Formula design and practical formula of butyl inner tube mixed with reclaimed butyl rubber

The reclaimed butyl rubber retains the basic performance characteristics of butyl rubber and has excellent air tightness. It can directly replace the original butyl rubber or be used with butyl rubber to produce rubber products, such as inner tube of automobile tire, inner tube less tire, vulcanized capsule, etc., effectively reducing the cost of raw materials. When butyl reclaimed rubber is used in automobile inner tube, selecting butyl reclaimed rubber with high butyl content and properly adjusting the formula can further improve the air tightness of butyl inner tube and prolong the service life of the product while reducing the production cost.

The air permeability of rubber materials used in automobile inner tubes is required to be low, and the air permeability of rubber materials is directly related to the structural properties of rubber. Butyl rubber is synthesized from isobutylene and a small amount of isoprene, which has good air tightness and is an ideal raw material for producing rubber inner tubes. Butyl reclaimed rubber is a substitute material for high priced butyl rubber. It can be used together with butyl rubber in proper proportion to produce automobile inner tubes, effectively reducing the cost of raw materials on the premise of ensuring product quality. In practical production, the addition of reclaimed butyl rubber can also improve the slow curing rate.

Butyl inner tube

When butyl rubber/butyl reclaimed rubber blends are used to produce automobile inner tubes, the sulfur accelerator system is generally used, and the degree of vulcanization can be improved by appropriately increasing the amount of sulfur; Then, the crosslinking density of butyl rubber/reclaimed butyl rubber 2ELYY1123 vulcanizate is increased, the density of vulcanizate is increased, the activation energy of the air permeability process is increased, and the gas is difficult to penetrate, thus improving the air permeability of the butyl inner tube of the automobile.

Carbon black reinforcement is generally used in butyl rubber/reclaimed rubber production of automobile inner tubes, such as semi reinforced carbon black and quick extrusion carbon black. Inorganic fillers with sheet structure, such as mica powder, talcum powder, graphite, etc., can effectively reduce the air permeability compared with spherical particle fillers. In actual production, increasing the amount of filler is equivalent to reducing the volume fraction of rubber in the vulcanizate, which is helpful to improve the air tightness of the vulcanizate.

When using butyl rubber/reclaimed butyl rubber as the main raw material to produce automobile inner tubes, most of them use engine oil, naphthenic oil, paraffin oil, etc. as softeners. It should be noted that the increase in the amount of softener and plasticizer will increase the permeability of the rubber compound. Therefore, the amount of softener in butyl inner tube should be reduced as much as possible under the premise that the process performance of the rubber compound allows.

Butyl reclaimed rubber

The reference formula for the production of inner tube with butyl rubber/butyl reclaimed rubber: 100 portions of butyl rubber, 40 portions of butyl reclaimed rubber, 5 portions of zinc oxide, 1 portion of stearic acid, 30 portions of carbon black N550, 25 portions of carbon black N774, 3 portions of engine oil, 0.5 portions of accelerator DM, 1 portion of accelerator TMTD, 1.75 portions of sulfur; Total: 207.25 copies. Recommended curing condition: 143 ℃ × 40min。

In actual production, impurities contained in raw rubber or compound will cause defects in the interior and surface of the inner tube of the car, which will seriously damage the air tightness of the inner tube. Therefore, the compound compound used in the inner tube of the car should be added after screening, and the compound should be filtered before use; All ingredients, especially powder ingredients, shall be evenly dispersed in the rubber compound without agglomeration to ensure the air tightness of the rubber inner tube. Later, Xiaobian will continue to share with you the application skills and practical formulas of butyl reclaimed rubber in agricultural inner tubes, motorcycle inner tubes and bicycle inner tubes.

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