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Is it good to use butyl reclaimed rubber for natural rubber products to reduce costs?

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Is it good to use butyl reclaimed rubber for natural rubber products to reduce costs?

Natural rubber has high mechanical strength and good elasticity, and is used in a large amount in the rubber product industry. However, natural rubber itself is resistant to heat-oxidative aging, ozone aging, and poor air permeability; from the price point of view, the price of natural rubber is high and fluctuates greatly. Therefore, many natural rubber product manufacturers set their sights on reclaimed rubber, and butyl reclaimed rubber is one of them. So can butyl reclaimed rubber be used in the production of natural rubber products? Is it good to use butyl reclaimed rubber in natural rubber products? What problems should we pay attention to?

1. Can butyl reclaimed rubber be used in the production of natural rubber products?

From the production process point of view, natural rubber and butyl reclaimed rubber can achieve process compatibility, so butyl reclaimed rubber can be mixed in the production of rubber products with natural rubber as the main raw material. Butyl reclaimed rubber 2ELYY927 is desulfurized and regenerated from waste butyl rubber products, with small molecular weight and irregular molecular structure, which is conducive to the mutual penetration and diffusion at the interface of butyl reclaimed rubber/natural rubber.

In actual production, macromolecules with different properties in the interface among butyl reclaimed rubber and natural rubber are in close contact, so that some segments of macromolecules that are close to each other can be transferred to another polymer phase, especially those with different molecular sizes. Regularity is more conducive to interpenetration and diffusion at the interface. When the amount of interdiffusion of segments among macromolecules is greater than a certain value, the macromolecules distributed on the interface will generate an interfacial transition layer of a certain thickness, which is beneficial to the co-vulcanization of butyl reclaimed rubber/natural rubber.

2. The benefits of using butyl reclaimed rubber in the production of natural rubber products

Butyl reclaimed rubber is processed from waste butyl rubber products such as butyl inner tubes, retaining the basic performance characteristics of butyl raw rubber, good air tightness, heat resistance, aging resistance, and the price is much lower than that of raw rubber; it can be mixed with natural rubber In products, the air tightness, thermal oxygen aging resistance, flex fatigue resistance, weather resistance, etc. of natural rubber products are improved while reducing the cost. In actual production, butyl reclaimed rubber and natural rubber have a mutually reinforcing effect, and butyl reclaimed rubber/natural rubber combined rubber has better flexural fatigue resistance than pure natural rubber.

3. Natural rubber products mixed with butyl reclaimed rubber have application examples and formulations

Natural rubber products that have strict requirements on air tightness and heat resistance can be mixed with butyl reclaimed rubber, such as rubber inner tubes and bladders. Natural rubber mixed with a small amount of butyl reclaimed rubber to produce inner tube formula: 90 parts of natural rubber, 20 parts of butyl reclaimed rubber, 5 parts of zinc oxide, 2 parts of stearic acid, 1 part of antioxidant 4010, 1 part of antioxidant 4010NA, high resistance 40 parts of grinding carbon black, 8 parts of naphthenic oil, 0.6 part of accelerator MBTS, 0.2 part of accelerator TMTD, 2.5 parts of sulfur; total: 170.3 parts.

4. The main points of the production process of natural rubber/butyl reclaimed rubber to produce rubber inner tube

When butyl reclaimed rubber/natural rubber is used to produce inner tube products, the mixing process is generally carried out in an internal mixer, the mixing pressure is controlled at about 0.4-0.6 Pa, and the mixing temperature is controlled at 135-140 ℃ After fully kneading, filter in the filter, extrude in the extruder, fix the length, attach the nozzle, and perform the joint in the joint machine; control the vulcanization temperature at about 150 ℃ during vulcanization, and fully vulcanize.

The rational use of butyl reclaimed rubber in the production of natural rubber products can not only reduce production costs, but also further improve the air permeability, heat resistance, flex resistance, etc. of natural rubber products; the editor will continue to share relevant information with you later. question.

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