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How to design reinforced filling system for butyl recycled rubber / EPDM rubber compound

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How to design reinforced filling system for butyl recycled rubber / EPDM rubber compound

Butyl reclaimed rubber has excellent air tightness, water tightness, heat resistance, chemical stability, etc. It can directly replace butyl rubber or be used together with butyl rubber to produce rubber products to achieve the purpose of reducing costs. In the actual production process, the compatibility of butyl reclaimed rubber with other varieties of rubber is better than that of butyl rubber, so it can be used together with a higher proportion of EPDM rubber to prepare rubber products with better overall performance. The performance of the reclaimed rubber / EPDM rubber compound is directly related to the reinforcement filling system.

1. Selection of butyl recycled rubber reinforcing filler

When using butyl reclaimed rubber to produce rubber products, in addition to carbon black and activated white carbon black can achieve good reinforcement effect, rubber product manufacturers can also use Bai Yanhua, clay, calcium carbonate, precipitation method of white carbon black, rubber mechanics Performance can also reach a relatively ideal state.

2. Selection of EPDM reinforced filler

Because EPDM rubber does not have self-reinforcing ability, Green strength is very low, carbon black is needed to improve the mechanical strength of rubber products such as tensile strength, high wear-resistant furnace black, semi-reinforced carbon black 2LLYY525 are all improved Commonly used reinforcing agent for mechanical strength of ethylene-propylene rubber products. Calcium carbonate and talc powder are commonly used fillers in EPDM rubber products, in which unsaturated fusidic acid modified nano-calcium carbonate has significant reinforcement effect in EPDM rubber.

3. butyl reclaimed rubber / EPDM combined with rubber compound reinforcement filling option

The molecular structure and performance characteristics of butyl reclaimed rubber and EPDM rubber are very different. The effects of reinforcing agents and fillers in the two are different. For example, EPDM rubber is not suitable for filling activated calcium carbonate. Therefore, the selection of the reinforcing agent and filler in the butyl reclaimed rubber / EPDM rubber combination should consider the characteristics of the two rubbers, and then combine the cost and other factors to select the appropriate rubber reinforcing agent and filler.

The use of EPDM rubber in butyl reclaimed rubber products can alleviate the problem of butyl rubber aging and becoming soft and sticky. For example, when using butyl rubber / reclaimed rubber productivity inner tube, the inner tube becomes soft and easily sticks to the inner tire after aging. The EPDM rubber has a cross-linking reaction after aging and hardens after aging, which is just complementary to the broken chain aging of butyl reclaimed rubber, which effectively avoids the butyl inner tube from becoming soft, swollen, and bursting during high temperature and high speed driving. The emergence of other problems will extend the service life of butyl reclaimed rubber products and improve driving safety.

Butyl reclaimed rubber has good compatibility with other rubbers, and it can be blended with a higher proportion of EPDM rubber. Studies have shown that when butyl reclaimed rubber and EPDM rubber are used in a 1: 1 ratio, the combined effect is good. When using butyl reclaimed rubber and EPDM rubber together to produce rubber products, rubber product manufacturers must choose suitable reinforcing agents and fillers, such as carbon black, white carbon black, nano calcium carbonate, talc, etc., to optimize and use Mechanical properties of rubber compounds.