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Application of Butyl Recycled Rubber in Construction Industry

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Application of Butyl Recycled Rubber in Construction Industry

Butyl recycled rubber inherits the excellent airtightness, watertightness, chemical stability, and damping of butyl rubber. It has improved plasticity, fluidity, and vulcanization process performance. It can completely or partially replace butyl rubber production for the construction industry Rubber products to achieve the purpose of reducing costs. In actual production, butyl recycled rubber is mainly used in three types of rubber products, such as waterproof materials, rubber linings and shock-absorbing bearings, to reduce raw material costs and improve the processing performance of butyl rubber.

Waterproof material

Butyl recycled rubber is generally used in combination with butyl rubber to produce waterproof materials such as roof waterproofing membranes. The butyl waterproof material is heat-resistant, weather-resistant, and has a large elongation stress, which can be extended and contracted at will. It is water-resistant and water-absorbent, resistant to mildew, acid and alkali, and has a long service life. When using butyl recycled rubber to produce rubber waterproofing materials, rubber product manufacturers can use sulfur vulcanization, and use accelerators, zinc oxide, stearic acid, etc .; use fast pressing furnace black such as N550 to reinforce, use paraffin and chemical antioxidants such as 4010 Significantly improves the aging resistance of butyl waterproof materials.

2.Rubber lining

Butyl recycled rubber has good shock absorption and stable chemical properties. It is used to produce anti-corrosive rubber linings such as pool linings, which can resist the impact and corrosion caused by external structures and transport media, and has excellent waterproof and penetrating properties. When using butyl recycled rubber 1JLYY1227 to produce rubber linings, it is necessary to choose butyl recycled rubber with high fineness and no impurities. It can be used in combination with butyl rubber, or the appropriate amount of EPDM rubber can be added to the formula to further improve the rubber lining Weather resistance, ozone resistance, etc., extend the service life of butyl rubber lining.

3. Shock-absorbing support

Butyl rubber damping performance is good, so it is often used to produce rubber damping bearings such as bridge bearings. When using butyl recycled rubber to reduce the production cost of shock-absorbing bearings, rubber product manufacturers need to control the amount of butyl recycled rubber to ensure the safety of rubber bearings. When butyl reclaimed rubber and butyl rubber are used together to produce shock-absorbing rubber bearings, high-wear-resistant carbon black and medium-super-wear-resistant carbon black can be used to reinforce carbon black, such as carbon black N220. Tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance and aging resistance.

The application of butyl recycled rubber in the construction industry is not only the above three. In the later period, we will have the opportunity to share with you other applications of butyl recycled rubber in the construction industry and the various types of butyl recycled rubber in construction rubber products Apply tips.