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Butyl reclaimed rubber basic vulcanization formula reference

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Butyl reclaimed rubber basic vulcanization formula reference

Butyl reclaimed rubber retains the basic performance characteristics of butyl rubber. It can replace all or part of butyl rubber to produce rubber products, which can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials under the premise of ensuring quality. When using butyl reclaimed rubber to produce rubber products, many rubber products manufacturers will Choose sulfur vulcanization, with thiuram accelerator and zinc oxide, Xiaobian today to share with you the basic vulcanization formula of HY butyl reclaimed rubber.

200 parts of butyl reclaimed rubber, 65 parts of carbon black, 30 parts of clay, 10 parts of rubber oil, 3 parts of accelerator M, 3 parts of accelerator DM, 3 parts of accelerator TMTD, 3 parts of sulfur, 5 parts of zinc oxide, hard fat 3 parts of acid; total: 325 parts.

The rubber accelerator M/DM/TMTD is used in a suitable ratio, the scorch safety is high, the vulcanization speed is fast, and the vulcanized rubber has a high elongation and a high tensile stress. Rubber products manufacturers can also adjust the addition ratio of promoters M, DM and TMTD, and can mainly use accelerator DM, with a small amount of accelerator M and a smaller amount of accelerator TMTD, better coordinate dingjizsj vulcanization efficiency and vulcanization effect. Improve the comprehensive index and production efficiency of butyl reclaimed rubber products; the use of zinc oxide and stearic acid can further improve the vulcanization efficiency.

In the production process of butyl reclaimed rubber products, carbon black reinforcement and clay filling are often used. Among them, butyl rubber products with strict physical and mechanical properties can be used with high wear-resistant carbon black and medium super wear-resistant carbon black to significantly improve butyl. Reinforced rubber products tensile strength, tear strength, wear resistance, etc.; rubber products with certain requirements for elasticity can use semi-reinforcing carbon black such as N770, N774, etc.; butyl reclaimed rubber products manufacturers can also use fast press furnace Black further improves the performance of recycled rubber processing.

When using carbon black to reinforce butyl reclaimed rubber products, rubber products may have problems that are difficult to coordinate between physical and mechanical strength. At this time, rubber oil can be grandly played! Rubber oil and rubber have good compatibility, which can reduce the power consumption during rubber compounding process, promote the uniform dispersion of compounding agent 1JLYY1129, soften, plasticize, thicken, etc.; butyl rubber products manufacturers can improve rubber compound by rubber oil. Processing technology performance, can also increase or decrease the amount of rubber oil to adjust the relationship between tensile strength, elongation at break, tensile stress, hardness and other indicators of butyl recycled rubber products.

Butyl reclaimed rubber is the main raw material for replacing the high-priced butyl rubber in the rubber product industry. Rubber products manufacturers can choose the appropriate index of butyl reclaimed rubber according to the specific needs of butyl rubber products, and properly adjust the rubber product formula containing butyl reclaimed rubber to reduce Cost while continuously optimizing the quality of butyl rubber products.