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Advantages and characteristics of EPDM reclaimed rubber production special-shaped valve rubber fitti

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Advantages and characteristics of EPDM reclaimed rubber production special-shaped valve rubber fitti

In modern industry, special-shaped valve rubber fittings are widely used in various fields, such as chemical, petroleum, energy, pharmaceutical, etc., and in these valve rubber fittings, EPDM rubber is also a material with a wide range of applications due to excellent high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. Due to the large number of EPDM rubber grades (about 200 in the world) and the high price, the use of EPDM recycled rubber instead of some EPDM rubber has become the fastest way to reduce costs and increase efficiency. EPDM recycled rubber is a kind of rubber material obtained from recycling and recycling of waste rubber products, which can effectively reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution, and conform to the concept of sustainable development. In the production of special-shaped valve rubber fittings, HONGYUN R-EPDM has the following advantages and characteristics.

1. EPDM reclaimed rubber has good heat resistance. In a high-temperature environment, traditional natural rubber tends to have problems such as softening and aging, while EPDM recycled rubber can maintain good strength and elasticity, and is not easy to deform and age. This allows special-shaped valve rubber fittings made of EPDM recycled rubber to adapt to high temperature conditions, improving product reliability and service life.

2. EPDM reclaimed rubber has excellent corrosion resistance. In some harsh working environments, such as acid and alkali corrosion, traditional rubber materials are susceptible to corrosion, resulting in a shortened service life. YY23-M7-12 EPDM reclaimed rubber has excellent performance in the stability of corrosive media such as acid and alkali, which can effectively resist corrosion and extend the service life of the product.

3. The

elasticity and wear resistance of EPDM reclaimed rubber are also its outstanding characteristics. R-EPDM has good elastic recovery ability, can effectively withstand external stress, and is not easy to deform. EPDM reclaimed adhesive has high wear resistance and can maintain a long service life under high-pressure, high-speed working conditions. This is important for special-shaped valve rubber fittings, which are subject to frequent friction and extrusion.

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4. EPDM reclaimed rubber also has good bonding performance, which can be closely combined with other materials to ensure the sealing performance of special-shaped valve rubber fittings. It can bond with various materials such as metal materials and FRP, enhancing the overall strength and reliability of special-shaped valves.

5. The production

process of EPDM reclaimed rubber is simple and the production cost is low. By optimizing production processes and technologies, large-scale production can be achieved and product quality and work efficiency can be improved. This makes the use of EPDM recycled rubber to manufacture special-shaped valve rubber fittings relatively low, which can save economic costs for users.

EPDM recycled rubber as a material for the production of special-shaped valve rubber fittings has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc., and after practical application and experimental verification, its performance can meet the design requirements and extend the service life of the product. In the current market competition situation, enterprises should pay attention to finding suitable materials to produce special-shaped valve rubber fittings. EPDM recycled rubber as an environmentally friendly material, not only can meet the requirements of product performance, but also can reduce production costs and environmental pollution, choose EPDM recycled rubber to produce special-shaped valve rubber fittings is a wise choice.

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