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Latex rubber reclaimed rubber in EPDM rubber products

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Latex rubber reclaimed rubber in EPDM rubber products

EPDM rubber has excellent aging resistance and is an ideal raw material for the production of outdoor rubber products. When the cost is reduced, it is replaced by EPDM reclaimed rubber. Latex reclaimed rubber is a product processed from waste natural rubber and waste latex products. Generally replacing natural rubber reduces the production cost of rubber products. Therefore, it is difficult for many people to associate EPDM with latex reclaimed rubber. Can EPDM rubber products be blended with latex reclaimed rubber? What is the significance? What issues should I pay attention to?

1. EPDM rubber products can be blended with latex reclaimed rubber

Rubber sealing strips are a large category of EPDM rubber products. It is understood that a number of high-performance EPDM sealing strips are added with a certain proportion of natural rubber to improve the process performance and performance of rubber sealing strips. Latex reclaimed rubber is an ideal substitute for natural rubber processed from waste natural rubber and waste latex products. It has the same basic properties as natural rubber, so it can theoretically be blended in EPDM rubber products.

2. The significance of using latex reclaimed rubber in EPDM rubber products

EPDM rubber has excellent resistance to high and low temperature and aging. It is widely used in cables, automobiles, pipes, sporting goods, etc., especially for outdoor rubber products, but EPDM rubber itself has poor viscosity and vulcanization speed. Slow; high-quality latex reclaimed rubber has good hand elasticity and tensile strength of natural rubber, plasticity, fluidity, shrinkage and vulcanization properties are better than natural rubber, and the price is lower than natural rubber. Therefore, the use of latex reclaimed rubber in EPMD rubber products can improve the hand-feeling elasticity and mechanical strength of EPDM rubber products, improve the processing performance and product dimensional stability of EPDM rubber compounds, and EPDM compared with EPDM/NR. / Latex reclaimed rubber and the cost of the glue is lower.

3. Controlling the amount of latex reclaimed rubber used in EPDM rubber products

Although EPDM and latex reclaimed rubber can theoretically be used together to achieve the purpose of improving product quality and reducing production cost, the molecular structure and performance characteristics of EPDM rubber and latex reclaimed rubber vary widely, and the curing time is different. The vulcanization temperature and the vulcanization efficiency are difficult to be consistent. The improper proportion of the latex reclaimed rubber causes the particles in the rubber compound to be uniformly dispersed, which directly leads to a decrease in the mechanical strength of the compound. Studies have shown that about 30 parts of latex reclaimed rubber is blended in 70 parts of EPDM rubber, and the particles in the rubber compound can be uniformly dispersed to obtain better physical and mechanical strength and processing performance.