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Tire tread reclaimed rubber production bicycle pedal set

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Tire tread reclaimed rubber production bicycle pedal set

The bicycle pedal cover is an indispensable accessory in the bicycle. The tire reclaimed rubber is the most widely used variety in the reclaimed rubber market. It can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials, and the tire tread reclaimed rubber processed from the waste tire tread rubber powder. It is an ideal raw material for the production of bicycle pedal sets. So, can you completely use the tread reclaimed rubber to produce bicycle pedal sets? Is the quality of the tread sleeve produced by using a certain proportion of natural rubber in the tread reclaimed rubber more suitable for the product?

As a typical renewable resource, tread reclaimed rubber has a wide range of raw materials, low price, and good compatibility with general-purpose rubber such as natural rubber. It can reduce the cost of raw materials and maintain good use for a long time. Performance; but tread reclaimed rubber is a "regeneration" resource after all, the molecular structure is seriously damaged during the production process, which improves the fluidity and plasticity of the rubber compound and also loses some of its original performance characteristics. Therefore, during use, It is best to use a certain proportion of natural rubber, such as tobacco sheet glue, to improve the comprehensive physical properties of the pedal sleeve.

Tobacco sheet glue, 45 parts; tread reclaimed rubber, 110 parts; zinc oxide, 5 parts; stearic acid, 3 parts; paraffin, 1 part; heavy oil, 15; anti-aging agent D, 1 part; high wear-resistant carbon black, 30 parts; calcium carbonate, 30 parts; accelerator M, 1.2; accelerator D, 0.5 parts; sulfur, 3 parts; tire rubber powder, 60 parts; total 304.7 parts.

The above bicycle pedal cover formula not only uses tread reclaimed rubber, but also fills 60 parts of tire rubber powder (preferably using tire tread rubber powder). The tire rubber powder in the formula is not a substitute rubber, it is used instead of carbon black. The tread rubber powder after the scrap tire tread is pulverized with natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber and carbon black. The market price is less than 3,000 yuan/ton. Substituting carbon black can reduce the raw material cost and ensure good reinforcing performance. Generally, the activated tire tread rubber powder has better effect in the rubber compound than the ordinary vulcanized rubber powder.

The tire tread rubber and tire tread rubber powder are the main raw materials, and the quality of the bicycle pedal sleeve produced by using the appropriate amount of tobacco sheet rubber is better than that of the pure reclaimed rubber pedal sleeve. The cost is lower than that of the pure natural rubber pedal sleeve. Higher, the market is selling better. At present, the bicycles on the street are colorful, and the single black can no longer meet the needs of users. The white latex reclaimed rubber and colored latex reclaimed rubber in the reclaimed rubber products can replace the natural rubber to produce various color and light-colored bicycle pedal sets to reduce the raw material cost.