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Can a small amount of recycled rubber be used to reduce production costs?

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Can a small amount of recycled rubber be used to reduce production costs?

At present, the types of reclaimed rubber commonly used in the market are latex reclaimed rubber, tire reclaimed rubber, butyl reclaimed rubber, nitrile reclaimed rubber and EPDM reclaimed rubber, among which tire reclaimed rubber has the lowest price, the largest amount, and the widest range of use. product. Tire reclaimed rubber can be used alone to produce rubber products with low mechanical performance requirements such as ordinary rubber miscellaneous items, shock absorbing blocks, rubber sheets, etc. It can also be used together with natural rubber and general-purpose synthetic rubber to produce high-grade rubber products.

The use of tire reclaimed rubber instead of natural rubber and synthetic rubber to produce rubber products can indeed significantly reduce the cost of raw materials, because the price of tire reclaimed rubber is much lower than natural rubber and synthetic rubber; however, in the production of some high-index rubber products, The amount of tire reclaimed rubber is very small, for example, 5 parts, 10 parts, and 15 parts or less, and the raw material cost per kilogram of reduced raw materials is only a couple of cents. It is really necessary to use these “extremely small amounts” in these products. Your tire reclaimed rubber? Rubber manufacturers need to adjust formulas and adjust production processes for this small amount of recycled tire rubber. Is this appropriate?

In fact, rubber products manufacturers in the production of rubber products, as long as it is on the premise of qualified rubber products, regardless of how many tires reclaimed rubber mixed, in terms of costs are very cost-effective. We calculate the production cost by adding 5 parts of tire reclaimed rubber to tire tread rubber as an example: At present, many tire tread rubbers are mainly made of styrene-butadiene rubber and butadiene rubber, and the market price of both synthetic rubbers is Above 12,000/ton (we calculate at 12,000 yuan/ton), the price of ordinary environmental odor-free tire reclaimed rubber (fineness is about 60 mesh) is between 2100-3500 tons (calculated according to 3500 yuan/ton), assuming 150 copies There are 5 parts of raw rubber reclaimed rubber, then 1kg of plastic can save about 0.29 yuan, if the rubber products manufacturer's annual use of rubber in more than 2000t, then you can save at least 580,000 / year, which is also a "big data."

The above data is only a preliminary calculation and does not include the cost of other rubber compounding agents. However, it can be seen that the use of a small amount of tire reclaimed rubber in rubber products can still reduce raw material costs; if high-index tires are used When reclaimed rubber is used to produce rubber products, the amount of reclaimed rubber can also be appropriately increased. Currently, the price of many reclaimed rubber on the market is lower than 3,500 yuan/ton, so it is blended under the premise of ensuring quality in high-index rubber product formulations. It is feasible and necessary to reduce the production cost of a small amount of tire reclaimed rubber.