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Reference formula of ordinary fire hose with recycled rubber-inner rubber layer

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Reference formula of ordinary fire hose with recycled rubber-inner rubber layer

The inner rubber of ordinary fire hoses is in direct contact with the medium, which is different from the working environment of the outer rubber. When natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber and tread recycled rubber are used as the main raw materials to produce the inner rubber of the hose, there is a certain difference in the proportion and amount of rubber The purpose is to meet the working needs of the inner rubber. Then how to adjust the addition ratio of each rubber when using the recycled tread rubber to produce the inner layer of fire hose? How to design the inner rubber formula of ordinary fire hose?

1.Reference formula for inner layer of fire hose with recycled tread rubber

50 parts of natural rubber, 50 parts of styrene-butadiene rubber, 60 parts of recycled tread rubber, 8 parts of zinc oxide, 3 parts of stearic acid, 120 parts of clay, 75 parts of carbon black, 5 parts of heavy oil, 5 parts of coumarone, antioxidants 3.5 parts, 2 parts accelerator, 2.5 parts sulfur, total: 334 parts.

2. Coordination skills of the inner rubber vulcanization system of the fire hose with tread recycled rubber

When using natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, and tire tread reclaimed rubber to produce the outer rubber of fire hoses with rubber compounds, rubber product manufacturers can continue to use sulfur / accelerator DM / accelerator M vulcanization system, with accelerator DM as the main accelerator. When the acid-base accelerator is used in combination, the curing speed is fast, the scorch safety is high, and the curing effect and curing efficiency are better.

3. Coordination skills of the inner rubber filling system of fire hoses with recycled tread rubber

Clay is the most silicate-based filler in the rubber product industry. Its price is low. After filling, it can improve the rubber processing technology. The vulcanizate has high viscosity, high stiffness, small shrinkage, and smooth surface when extruded. Natural rubber / styrene-butadiene rubber / recycled tread rubber can be filled with clay 2LLYY0402 when used to produce the inner layer of ordinary fire hoses; it is reinforced with high wear-resistant carbon black to further increase the tensile strength and tear of the inner layer of fire hoses. Crack strength, abrasion resistance, etc.

4. Coordination skills of the anti-aging system of the inner layer of fire hoses containing recycled tread rubber

Generally, the chemical protection method is used for the rubber compound on the inner layer of rubber tubes. Chemical antioxidants are used to prolong the aging time of the inner layer of ordinary fire hoses. Rubber product manufacturers can use antioxidants J and antioxidants DFC-34 together, and antioxidants J to assist antioxidants DFC-34. , Delay the aging time of the inner layer of rubber, and extend the service life.

The use of recycled tread rubber in the inner and outer layers of ordinary fire hoses with natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber as the main raw material can effectively reduce raw material costs. In the actual production process, strengthening the control of the production process technology can further improve the comprehensive indicators of fire hoses. Later, we will share with you tire tread rubber / natural rubber / styrene butadiene rubber and use rubber to produce fire hoses. Questions and tricks.