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The role of chlorinated butyl rubber products mixed with nitrile rubber

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The role of chlorinated butyl rubber products mixed with nitrile rubber

Compared with butyl rubber, chlorinated butyl rubber / reclaimed rubber has been greatly improved in vulcanization performance and compatibility with other rubbers. Chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber has better fluidity and plasticity, and can be used with other types of rubber The combined use of rubber to produce rubber products with better comprehensive performance is the typical application when used in combination with nitrile rubber. As we all know, nitrile rubber is excellent in oil resistance and wear resistance, so what different sparks will be produced by mixing nitrile rubber in chlorinated butyl rubber products?

1. Significance of combined use of chlorinated butyl / nitrile rubber compounds

Chlorinated butyl rubber / recycled rubber and nitrile rubber compound rubber not only has the heat resistance, aging resistance and corrosion resistance of chlorinated butyl rubber, but also has the oil resistance of nitrile rubber; chlorinated butyl / The nitrile compound rubber has a good physical and mechanical properties through a reasonable compounding system, and is suitable for the production of various oil-resistant and weather-resistant rubber products. The products have a wide range of use, good performance, and long service life.

2. Examples of combined use of chlorobutyl / nitrile rubber compounds

Chlorinated butyl rubber retains the basic performance characteristics of butyl rubber, and has excellent heat resistance and damping performance. Substituting butyl rubber for the production of damping materials can significantly improve the problem of butyl rubber processing performance and poor adhesion performance. In practical applications, chlorinated butyl damping materials often need to work in oily environments, and the oil resistance and flame retardancy of rubber compounds need to be improved. The viscous damping material 2LLYY424 with chlorobutyl rubber as the main material is mixed with an appropriate amount of oil-resistant nitrile rubber, and aluminum hydroxide is added as a flame retardant, which can significantly improve the oil resistance and flame retardancy of the chlorobutyl damping material. .

3. Factors affecting the performance of chlorinated butyl / nitrile rubber compound

When the appropriate amount of nitrile rubber is mixed with chlorinated butyl rubber / reclaimed rubber, the mixed amount of nitrile rubber and the setting of the vulcanization system affect the comprehensive index of the compound (mainly including mechanical strength, aging resistance, oil resistance); When base rubber and reclaimed rubber are used together to produce rubber products, the amount of chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber will also affect the physical and mechanical strength of the rubber compound; The amount of aluminum (or other flame retardant) affects the performance and life of the damping material.

In actual production, rubber product manufacturers must reasonably determine the blending ratio of the two rubbers in the chlorinated butyl / butyronitrile compound according to the actual demand, rationally design the formulation of chlorobutyl rubber products, and add appropriate amounts if necessary Chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber or nitrile reclaimed rubber can reduce the cost and further improve the processing performance of the compound rubber.