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The role and skill of producing all-butyl reclaimed rubber for bicycle inner tube

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The role and skill of producing all-butyl reclaimed rubber for bicycle inner tube

The butyl inner tube reclaimed rubber processed from waste butyl inner tube has excellent air tightness and low gas permeability. The replacement of butyl rubber to produce bicycle inner tube can ensure the performance and life of the inner tube and reduce the cost. The production of bicycle inner tubes with all-butyl reclaimed rubber can reduce the cost of raw materials. So isn't all butyl reclaimed rubber used to completely replace butyl rubber to produce bicycle inner tubes? What is the role of reducing costs? How to apply better?

1. Choose the right butyl reclaimed rubber

At present, the quality of butyl inner tube reclaimed rubber products on the market is uneven. Usually, the content of butyl rubber in small butyl inner tubes and miscellaneous butyl inner tubes is very small. The butyl reclaimed rubber produced from this raw material is used to replace butyl rubber. It is difficult to ensure the quality of the inner tube; the improper treatment of the waste butyl inner tube will lead to the inclusion of impurities in the reclaimed rubber, and the butyl inner tube is difficult to form smoothly. Therefore, when producing all-butyl reclaimed rubber for bicycle inner tube, it is necessary to select high-quality butyl reclaimed rubber with high butyl content, fine particles and no impurities, which can reduce the cost of the inner tube of the bicycle while ensuring the quality of the inner tube.

2. The role of butyl reclaimed rubber in bicycle inner tube

The use of butyl reclaimed rubber to produce bicycle inner tube can reduce the production cost, but butyl reclaimed rubber can not only reduce the raw material cost in the inner tire processing, but also improve the vulcanization performance of the rubber compound, improve the butyl inner tube joint process, and improve the tear resistance of the inner tube; The premise for these effects is based on the quality of the butyl reclaimed rubber.

3. All-butyl reclaimed rubber to produce inner tube basic formula

180 parts of butyl reclaimed rubber, 2 parts of sulfur, 6 parts of accelerator, 5 parts of zinc oxide, 1 part of stearic acid, 60 parts of carbon black, 20 parts of paraffin oil, 6 parts of tackifying resin, other 20 parts; total: 299 Share.

4. Selection of compounding agent in the formula of all-butyl reclaimed rubber inner tube

When a bicycle inner tube is completely produced using butyl reclaimed rubber, the rubber product manufacturer needs to properly adjust the amount of the compounding agent in the formulation. Under normal circumstances, the choice of low sulphur in the whole butyl inner tube can improve the aging resistance of the rubber compound, reduce the pressure change, and improve the wear resistance of the rubber compound. The use of carbon black reinforcement can significantly improve the mechanical properties of the bicycle inner tube and make up for the low sulphur The problem of poor tear strength of vulcanized rubber, in which carbon black N660 can improve the modulus, resilience and flexural flexibility of the rubber compound, improve the processing property of the rubber compound; improve the rubber processing technology and balance butyl through paraffin oil and tackifying resin The indicators of the inner tube.

When butyl reclaimed rubber is used to produce inner tube of bicycle, in order to improve the performance and service life of inner tube, rubber products manufacturers can add appropriate amount of microcrystalline paraffin and chemical anti-aging agent; if necessary, other types of processing aids can be added to reduce bicycles. The inner tire quality is further optimized while the inner tire production cost.