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selected NBR regenerated rubber should not only look at the tensile strength

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selected NBR regenerated rubber should not only look at the tensile strength

Many customers in the selection of NBR will ask, how much strength, how long and so on, it is not known that the main index of nitrile regenerated rubber is not these, but the amount of rubber or acrylonitrile content, only look at the strength index no matter the selection method of acrylonitrile content is not advisable.

The majority of customers who choose NBR have oil resistant requirements, and there is no relationship between rubber and oil resistance or strength and elongation (tire regeneration, latex regeneration, etc.), such as tensile strength 8Mpa, elongation at break 360%, acrylonitrile 28% products and tensile strength 12Mpa, The elongation at break is 420%, compared to the acrylonitrile 18% product. The first one appears to be lower in strength, but in fact its oil resistance is better.

More and more users pay more attention to whether the rubber raw materials are tasteless, whether they are environmentally friendly, and the future tasteless and environment-friendly new rubber materials become a trend. In addition to paying attention to the content of acrylonitrile, it needs to pay attention to the Mooney viscosity. The moderate viscosity of the Mooney viscosity is relatively good, and the production process is more simple.

The main raw material for the environmentally friendly nitrile butadiene nitrile regenerated adhesive is the sub brand nitrile gum and the nitrile glove desulphurization rubber powder. It has the characteristics of high fineness, tasteless, high oil resistance, good handle elasticity, high tensile strength, smooth and bright products and high plasticity, and has good physical and mechanical properties. It can be used directly to replace N41 and 35LM alone. Russia 26, orchid 26 nitrile glue, can also be mixed with NBR and used to produce oil resistant rubber products, such as oil resistant pipe, oil resistant rubber plate, oil resistant rubber boots, rubber diaphragm, O ring, oil seal, leather bowl, diaphragm, oil resistant pad, wear-resistant part and so on.