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Latex reclaimed rubber production requirements of the inner tube requirements

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Latex reclaimed rubber production requirements of the inner tube requirements

Now the use of natural rubber, latex reclaimed rubber production fewer and fewer manufacturers, airtight excellent butyl reclaimed rubber is the best choice for the production of tube products, but the color of butyl reclaimed rubber is relatively single, mostly black Chlorinated butyl rubber reclaim is usually gray), if used to produce light-colored, color tube products in the color is not easy, this time you can usually use latex reclaimed rubber. However, the reclaimed rubber is not as tight as the butyl reclaimed rubber, and the breathability of the inner tube is higher than that of the butyl reclaimed rubber product. Therefore, the requirements for various indexes of the latex reclaimed rubber for producing the inner tube product are set high.

1, under normal circumstances, in order to meet the needs of all types of customers, color, light-colored tube products must use white latex reclaimed rubber or the corresponding color of the latex reclaimed rubber, because the color is easier; black latex reclaimed rubber usually produce black Rubber products, if the production of black inner tube butyl rubber reclaimed rubber on it.

2, butyl rubber reclaimed air tightness is well known, latex reclaimed rubber air tightness and butyl reclaimed rubber compared to a certain gap, in order to make up for this gap, usually using more than 60 mesh filtered latex reclaimed rubber, the default is The fineness of the fine the better; because of high fineness of the latex reclaimed rubber products produced inner tube surface is more delicate and smooth, inner tube texture is more dense, in order to improve the latex latex reclaimed rubber air tightness.

3, the use of latex reclaimed rubber production of inner tube, the tensile strength of latex reclaimed rubber products also have rigid requirements, the general inner tube latex reclaimed rubber tensile strength must be above 15Mpa, this can ensure that the inner tube products have good resilience and Shock resistance, in order to protect the tire product.

When using latex reclaimed rubber to produce inner tube products, due to the limitations of latex performance, higher performance requirements are put forward for the products used, and rubber product manufacturers must carefully consider and select the most suitable latex reclaimed rubber.