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Formulated with tread reclaimed rubber in oil resistant rubber sheet

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Formulated with tread reclaimed rubber in oil resistant rubber sheet

The tire tread reclaimed rubber processed from the tire tread rubber powder is more effective than the ordinary whole tire reclaimed rubber in rubber content and mechanical strength, and has better wear resistance and flex resistance. It is widely used in various production. Black tires or other high-strength, high-wear rubber products are "a far cry from oil". However, in actual production, in fact, the tire tread reclaimed rubber can also be used in the nitrile oil resistant rubber sheet, which can not only reduce the production cost of the product, but also improve the process performance of the rubber compound 1JLYY96.

1. Does the addition of tread reclaimed rubber reduce the oil resistance of oil resistant rubber sheets?

The main raw materials for tire tread are natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber and carbon black. Among them, natural rubber has high mechanical strength and good hand elasticity. The properties of styrene-butadiene rubber are close to natural rubber but wear resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance and vulcanization performance. Better than natural rubber; carbon black is the most common reinforcing agent in rubber products; no matter which component, it seems to have nothing to do with the word "oil resistance", so many people doubt whether it is the addition of tread reclaimed rubber. It will reduce the oil resistance of the oil resistant rubber sheet.

actually not! Although the tread reclaimed rubber itself does not have good oil resistance, the experimental results show that as long as the content of the tread reclaimed rubber in the oil resistant rubber sheet is reasonably controlled, not only will the oil resistance of the nitrile rubber sheet be greatly reduced, but also to some extent. It improves the problem of easy roll-off during the kneading of nitrile rubber, and improves the vulcanization safety and vulcanization flatness of the nitrile oil-resistant rubber compound during vulcanization. Under normal circumstances, the amount of tread reclaimed rubber in the oil resistant rubber sheet with nitrile rubber as the main material should be controlled between 40-60 parts.

2. Suitable formula for using nitrile oil resistant rubber sheet with tread reclaimed rubber

70 parts of nitrile rubber, 60 parts of tread reclaimed rubber, 30 parts of PVC, 5 parts of zinc oxide, 1 part of stearic acid, 1.2 parts of accelerator, 2.5 parts of anti-aging agent, 2 parts of sulfur, 85 parts of calcium carbonate, carbon black 100 Parts, 20 parts of plasticizer. Total: 376.7 parts.

3. Oil-resistant rubber sheet formula compounding agent selection technique with tread reclaimed rubber

When the nitrile rubber is used as the main material and the appropriate amount of tread reclaimed rubber is used to produce the oil resistant rubber sheet, the rubber product manufacturer can use the accelerator CZ together with a small amount of accelerator TMTD to improve the scorch tendency of the rubber; the reinforcing filling system can be selected. Semi-reinforcing carbon black with both reinforcing and filling functions, such as N770, N774, etc., the filler can be used with light calcium and a small amount of heavy calcium; the anti-aging agent can try heat, oxygen, ozone, climate and flexing. Anti-aging agent BLE with good resistance; softening plasticizing system can use dibutyl phthalate commonly used in rubber and plastic products, with a small amount of pine tar.

It should be noted that since the pure nitrile rubber oil-resistant rubber sheet is prone to surface roughness during the production process, it is best to choose a high-density tire tread reclaimed rubber (60-80 mesh) when selecting the tread reclaimed rubber. The product can be used to further improve the surface brightness of the nitrile oil resistant rubber sheet.