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Application of tire reclaimed rubber powder in non-rubber industry

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Application of tire reclaimed rubber powder in non-rubber industry

The tire reclaimed rubber powder is a powdery substance obtained by mechanically pulverizing used tires. In the rubber field, it can be used as a raw material in the production of various rubber products such as rubber flooring, rubber mats, and rubber as a filler. In the case of products such as automobile tires to reduce costs, it is also possible to produce recycled rubber; in addition, tire reclaimed rubber powder plays an important role in the non-rubber industry, so what specific applications does it have in the non-rubber field?

1. Application of tire reclaimed rubber powder in highway construction: When referring to the word “highway”, Xiaobian naturally thinks of asphalt pavement. At present, the wet skid resistance of asphalt pavement modified by tire rubber powder has been significantly improved. To alleviate the problem of icing in the northern roads in winter; tire reclaimed rubber powder can also be filled on slopes and roads; and used with polyethylene to process the acoustic panels used on the highway.

2. Application of tire reclaimed rubber powder in building materials: SBS waterproofing membrane is made of SBS thermoplastic elastomer as modifier, asphalt as impregnation and coating material, and the upper surface is covered with polyethylene film, fine sand, mineral flake or A sheet of waterproofing membrane made of aluminum foil and other insulating materials. At present, many SBS coil processing manufacturers add a certain proportion of tire reclaimed rubber powder in the production process to reduce the production cost; the right amount of tire reclaimed rubber powder is added to the cement. It can improve the strength and rigidity of traditional cement.

3. Application of tire reclaimed rubber powder in railway engineering: sleepers are materials used for railway, special track running equipment laying and bearing equipment laying. Commonly, there are wooden sleepers and reinforced concrete sleepers, among which the traditional concrete sleepers are elastic and shock-absorbing. Poor performance, high noise, adding appropriate amount of tire rubber powder during processing can significantly improve the elasticity, sound absorption and shock absorption effect of the sleeper; the composite material sleeper made of waste tire rubber powder and recycled plastic is more stable.

The tire reclaimed rubber powder has many raw materials, low price and wide application range. At present, more and more industries are beginning to use tire reclaimed rubber powder together with thermoplastic resin and thermoplastic elastomer to produce various new materials with special purposes, both plastic and The dual characteristics of rubber. The tire reclaimed rubber powder is processed from waste tires. In various applications in the non-rubber field, the problem of difficult material preparation and high price is solved, and some waste tire pollution problems are solved, and resource optimization configuration and recycling are realized.