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Three application methods of butyl reclaimed rubber in waterproof membrane

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Three application methods of butyl reclaimed rubber in waterproof membrane

Waterproof coils made of rubber as the main raw material are mostly used for roofing and underground, preventing rainwater, snow water from penetrating into the room or groundwater seeping into the building. Commonly used are butyl rubber, EPDM rubber, neoprene rubber and suitable types. Recycled rubber; butyl reclaimed rubber has low price and good performance, and can be used in the production of rubber waterproofing membrane to reduce the cost of raw materials. There are three main application methods in actual production.

1. Butyl reclaimed rubber is used alone to produce waterproof membrane

Butyl reclaimed rubber is a reclaimed rubber processed from waste butyl inner tube. Different types of waste butyl inner tubes produce different grades of reclaimed rubber products. Generally, the brand is made of brand waste butyl inner tube and truck inner tube. The base reclaimed rubber has high glue content, high strength, good elasticity, low air permeability, heat resistance, ozone resistance and aging resistance, and can be directly used in the production of waterproof coil materials, which significantly reduces the cost of raw materials.

2. Butyl reclaimed rubber and butyl rubber are used together to produce waterproof membrane

Waterproof membrane made of butyl rubber is excellent in air tightness, weather resistance, ozone resistance, heat resistance and acid and alkali resistance. It can be used for the long time to maintain good performance in the production of roof waterproofing membrane; butyl reclaimed rubber As a product processed from waste butyl rubber products, it has good compatibility with butyl rubber. It can be used together with butyl rubber to produce butyl rubber waterproofing membrane. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of waterproof coiled products, the processing technology is improved and the product is reduced. Raw material costs.

3. Butyl reclaimed rubber and EPDM rubber are used together to produce waterproof membrane

EPDM rubber has excellent resistance to high and low temperature and anti-aging performance, and has good resistance to ozone and ultraviolet heat. The produced waterproof membrane has high tensile strength, good weather resistance, excellent aging resistance, strong adaptability and use. Wide temperature range; EPDM waterproofing membrane with high mechanical properties can be blended with proper amount of butyl rubber; butyl reclaimed rubber is an ideal substitute for butyl rubber, and it can not only reduce the production of waterproofing membrane with EPDM rubber. The cost of raw materials can also improve the heat resistance and corrosion resistance of waterproofing membranes, delay aging time and prolong service life.

When butyl reclaimed rubber is used in waterproofing membranes, the application of butyl reclaimed rubber and the proportion of blending are very different due to the different performance requirements of the waterproofing membranes for different applications. From the actual situation, according to the specific needs to determine the proportion of butyl reclaimed rubber blending, adjust the waterproof coil material formulation containing butyl reclaimed rubber.