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General model rubber products from natural rubber / recycled rubber

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General model rubber products from natural rubber / recycled rubber

Natural rubber has high mechanical strength and good elasticity, and is widely used in the production of various general-purpose molded rubber products. However, from the perspective of production cost control, the price of natural rubber is high and the price is liable to fluctuate. Therefore, many rubber product manufacturers have set their sights on Recycled rubber. The recycled rubber products in the recycled rubber products have a wide range of raw material sources, low product prices, and good compatibility with natural rubber. They can be used in combination with natural rubber in any proportion to produce molded rubber products to reduce costs.

1.Reference formula for natural rubber / tired rubber production model products

80 parts of natural rubber, 40 parts of recycled rubber, 4 parts of zinc oxide, 1.5 parts of stearic acid, 0.7 parts of rubber antioxidant, 1.2 parts of paraffin, 55 parts of carbon black, 4 parts of calcium carbonate, 16 parts of rubber oil, and 0.8 parts of accelerator , 1.8 parts of sulfur; total: 205 parts.

2. Reinforced filling system for natural rubber / recycled rubber model products

The amount of reinforcing agents and fillers in the reinforcing filling system is second only to the rubber in the entire formula, so the types and amounts of reinforcing agents and fillers directly affect the comprehensive indicators and service life of molded rubber products. When using recycled tire rubber to reduce the production cost of general model natural rubber products, rubber product manufacturers can use spray carbon black with a small amount of mixed carbon black. Vulcanized rubber reinforced with spray carbon black has good low temperature performance, high elasticity, and low heat generation. Small deformation and small amount of mixed carbon black can further improve the abrasion resistance and tear resistance of natural rubber / tired rubber molded rubber products.

General natural rubber and recycled tire rubber are used to produce calcium carbonate 1JLYY1205 in the formula of the model rubber product. Heavy calcium carbonate is mostly used, which can give the blended rubber better tensile strength, tear strength and abrasion resistance, and improve the general model rubber. The surface smoothness and dimensional stability of the product.

3.Vulcanization system for natural rubber / tired rubber production model products

When natural rubber and tire recycled rubber are used together to produce general model rubber products, sulfur vulcanization can be used in combination with accelerator M and accelerator TMTD. When the amount of accelerator M is constant, increasing the amount of accelerator TMTD can extend the scorch time and increase Vulcanization safety, tensile strength and other indicators of vulcanizates are higher.

When using recycled rubber tires in natural rubber model product formulas to reduce production costs, rubber product manufacturers must choose tires with suitable indicators according to actual needs. For example, HY model rubber products that require smooth and bright surfaces need to use tires with 60 mesh or more. Rubber, and reasonably determine the amount of tire reclaimed rubber, properly adjust the types and amounts of each compounding agent in the formula, improve the comprehensive index of model rubber products, and reduce more raw material costs.