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Formulation of tire inner liner with tire reclaimed rubber

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Formulation of tire inner liner with tire reclaimed rubber

The tire reclaimed rubber processed from waste tires has good fluidity, good plasticity, small shrinkage and low price. It can improve the processing performance and vulcanization performance of the rubber compound in the original rubber. The inner liner of the tubeless tire is the most important part. The use of butyl rubber or chlorobutyl rubber can better ensure the airtightness of the tire, or can be used together with natural rubber; the addition of certain tire reclaimed rubber in the chlorinated butyl rubber/natural rubber inner layer can not only reduce Cost can also improve the process performance of the compound.

1. Inner liner formula

70 parts of chlorobutyl rubber, 20 parts of natural rubber, 20 parts of tire reclaimed rubber, 70 parts of carbon black, 13 parts of rubber oil, 5 parts of zinc oxide, 2 parts of stearic acid, 4 parts of tackifier, 0.7 parts of vulcanizing agent 1.5 parts of accelerator, 4 parts of scorch retarder; total: 210.2 parts.

2. Reclaimed rubber

Tire reclaimed rubber has different quality of tire reclaimed rubber due to different raw materials and production process equipment. Since the inner tube tire inner liner has extremely high gas permeation resistance, it is necessary to select high fineness and no impurity when using tire reclaimed rubber. Recycled rubber products, the fineness of the product is preferably 80 mesh or above; the tire reclaimed rubber processed from waste tire top rubber powder or tread rubber powder 1JLYY1121 has higher effective rubber hydrocarbon content and better comprehensive indicators. .

3. Reinforcement system

Quickly extruding carbon black is a high-structural carbon black in soft carbon black, which can significantly improve the processing performance of HY rubber compound, improve the modulus of the rubber material, appropriately reduce the elongation at break, hardness and heat generation, and heat conduction of the rubber compound. Good performance and high temperature resistance; the use of chlorinated butyl rubber/natural rubber/tire reclaimed rubber inner tube formula has better comprehensive index and can better "digest" the friction and heat generated during the running of the tubeless tire.

4. Vulcanization system

When the tire reclaimed rubber is added to the chlorinated butyl rubber/natural rubber to improve the process and reduce the cost, the rubber product manufacturer generally selects a sulfur donor such as a vulcanizing agent VA-7, and crosslinks with the linear rubber molecular chain to form a three-dimensional network structure. The vulcanized rubber has high mechanical properties; the promoter DM is mainly used, and a small amount of accelerator TMTD can be used to prolong the scorch time and increase the vulcanization speed and the elongation of the rubber.

Tire reclaimed rubber is an ideal raw material for reducing the inner liner of tubeless tires. Reasonable adjustment of the type and amount of compounding agent in the formula can further optimize the comprehensive index of the inner liner; in actual production, the above formula can be used to prepare the car ZSJ tubeless tire gas. In the dense layer, if the productivity tire inner layer is tight, the amount of tire reclaimed rubber can be increased appropriately. At this time, don't forget to continue to adjust the formula!