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Tips for tire rubber in tread rubber

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Tips for tire rubber in tread rubber

Generally, the use of waste tire rubber powder in tread rubber is a substitute for carbon black as a filler. At present, the market price of carbon black is about 8,000 yuan / ton, and the price of high quality 80 mesh tire rubber powder is more than 3,000 yuan / ton. Tire rubber powders are cheaper, so replacing some of the carbon black in the tire tread rubber can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials. Tire tread is the part of the whole tire that directly touches the ground. It has high requirements for wear resistance, flexing resistance and aging resistance. Therefore, when selecting tire rubber filled tire tread rubber, it is necessary to use the tire model. Fineness and other considerations.

Waste tire material

The quality of tire rubber powders processed by different types of used tires varies greatly. Generally, the quality of tire rubber powders with 900-1200 imported or domestic waste tires is better, and the tires can be reduced while reducing the production cost of tire tread rubber. Good performance of the surface rubber; rubber tire processing enterprises should not only pay attention to the raw materials used when selecting the tire rubber powder filled in the tread rubber, but also scientifically test the tire rubber powder samples, including rubber hydrocarbon content and acetone extraction. The material, ash, bulk density, sieve residue, carbon black content, heating loss, etc., select the tire rubber powder that is closest to the tread rubber demand.

2. Tire rubber fineness

There is a clear interface between the tire rubber powder and the tread rubber matrix glue. The combination of the two is not a combination of molecules. It does not change after vulcanization. Therefore, the problem of uneven vulcanization and local stress concentration is easy to occur. The tensile strength of the tread rubber is lowered, which raises a high demand for the fineness of the tire rubber powder. The high-fineness tire rubber powder is more easily dispersed in the tire tread rubber, which can provide good technical conditions for the tread rubber performance and processing technology. The tire rubber powder with a fineness of about 80-120 mesh is filled in the tread rubber. Better performance and higher cost performance.

The tire rubber powder not only affects the properties of the tread rubber vulcanizate such as Mooney viscosity, tensile strength, tensile stress, tear strength, compression and flexion, but also affects the vulcanization process, including the scorch time and vulcanization time. Rubber tire manufacturers need to adjust the tread rubber formula according to the actual demand and tire rubber powder filling. Tests have shown that the filling amount of general tire rubber powder in the tread rubber is controlled at 10-15 parts, and the comprehensive performance of the tread rubber is the best.

The use of a certain proportion of reclaimed rubber in the tire tread rubber is the main way to reduce the production cost of the tire casing. Filling the tire rubber powder in the tread rubber compound is another ideal cost reduction. In actual production, if the rubber tire manufacturer decides to fill the tire rubber in the tire rubber, it is necessary to select the products that meet the requirements of the index, so as to avoid the problem that “the cost is reduced and the quality is lowered”.