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Judge the quality of reclaimed rubber

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Judge the quality of reclaimed rubber

Different recycled rubber powder color, different fineness, different brands of the same kind of recycled rubber powder color, fineness is different, even with the same manufacturer, the same kind of recycled rubber products have different fineness, so the purchase of recycled rubber powder Products manufacturers, the face of a variety of recycled rubber powder, it is difficult to choose. However, if you read this article, you will "Desulfurization" it!

In theory, the higher the rubber content of reclaimed rubber, the better the quality of reclaimed rubber. But in the choice of renewable rubber powder, rubber oil can not do anytime, anywhere detection ah! So we can judge the quality of reclaimed rubber powder by the following few ways:

1, take the powder on the white paper, the darker the better;

2, hand pad pad powder weight, the lighter the better;

3, hand down, a rebound touch as well;

4, with renewable fire powder products, no white as well;

5, we all know that recycled rubber powder mainly from wire and tire line tires, and mixed powder rubber tire wire tires better than the tire line, we can identify whether the wire or tire line: with magnet in the powder Stir it, if there is a small iron scrap, indicating that the wire was born out of the tire, there is no description of the production line tires, the other line of plastic powder to the naked eye can see some staple fiber.

Judge the quality of reclaimed rubber, the above method is not simple and crude? If you are a rubber products company that is choosing recycled rubber products, give it a try!