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Tread reclaimed rubber production of sponge soles formula design points

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Compared with ordinary tire rubber, tread reclaimed rubber contains high amount of glue and high strength, and is often used to produce some high-strength and high-wear-resistant rubber products, such as sponge foam soles. When using a tire tread reclaimed rubber to produce sponge foam soles, a reasonable formula design can not only reduce the cost of raw materials to the maximum extent, but also ensure good performance and service life of foamed rubber soles. When designing a sponge-foamed rubber sole compound using a tread reclaimed rubber as a raw material, the following points should be noted:

1. Under normal circumstances, the use of tread reclaimed rubber to produce sponge foam rubber soles, the sulfur curing system is generally used, because the amount of sulfur will affect the hardness of sponge foam rubber soles. With the increase of the amount of sulfur (the degree of cross-linking after vulcanization is increased), the hardness of the rubber product is gradually increased after cooling, and the required hardness can be obtained by adjusting the amount of sulfur; here, it should be noted that the tread reclaimed rubber is used for producing higher hardness. Foam rubber products

2. In the formulation of reclaimed rubber products, stearic acid is an important chemical additive. It is a widely used vulcanization activator in the production of rubber products. It can also be used as a plasticizer and softener, and can adjust the regenerative rubber Mooney. Viscosity, prevention of scorch of reclaimed rubber products, etc. In addition, stearic acid can also be used as a foaming agent in sponge foam rubber soles to improve the processing properties of rubber and reduce the foaming temperature, in the tread reclaimed rubber foam rubber. The addition of stearic acid to the shoe soles formula also requires the addition of a certain proportion of zinc oxide, both of which can work together to improve the processing technology and performance of the reclaimed rubber products.

3, the use of tread reclaimed rubber sponge foam rubber sole production, can take a variety of accelerators and the use of the way, the general accelerator M, accelerator D, accelerator DM can accelerate the curing speed, shorten the curing time, improve the physical rubber Mechanical properties, improve the operational safety in the production of reclaimed rubber products, improve the rubber product yield.

4, clay soil has good permeability, water permeability, dispersion, light calcium chemical properties are stable, they are good filler material, add appropriate amount of clay and light calcium in the tread reclaimed rubber sponge foam sole product formulations, can Improve the rubber wear resistance, improve the processing performance of reclaimed rubber compounds, improve the surface smoothness of reclaimed rubber products, increase the viscosity and stiffness of rubber products, reduce the shrinkage rate, and also reduce the cost of rubber compounds.

5. The softener in the formulation of reclaimed rubber products can improve the processing properties of the rubber and make the rubber products easy to be molded and pressed out. The use of calcium base grease, black grease and coumarone as the tread reclaimed rubber produces sponge foam rubber soles. Softener, the sole produced has a smooth surface, light resistance, ozone resistance, and is not prone to cracking.

5. The choice of foaming agent in sponge foam rubber sole formula directly affects the performance of rubber products. The use of baking soda and foaming agent H in the tread reclaimed rubber foam sole formula produces a rubber sole with uniform foaming and neat appearance. This makes foamed rubber soles stand out in many similar products.

6, foam rubber soles need long-term exposure to the outside, for glare, low temperature, high temperature and other environments need to have good protective properties, so the anti-aging agent is essential, you want to prevent light, heat, climate and other rubber The impact of the soles, delaying the aging time of foamed rubber soles, adding anti-aging agent SP-C in the formulation of tread reclaimed rubber products is a good choice.

When using tread reclaimed rubber to produce sponge foam rubber soles, there are many areas that need attention, not only the above content, more problems waiting for you and I discuss together.