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Application of tread reclaimed rubber in rubber sheet

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Application of tread reclaimed rubber in rubber sheet

The rubber sheet produced with rubber as the main material has good elasticity, high hardness, good water resistance, low noise, not easy to corrode, wide working range, not easy to age, and it is increasingly used in production and life. Recycled tread rubber is a reclaimed rubber product processed from waste tire tread rubber powder as the main raw material. The effective rubber hydrocarbon content, elasticity and abrasion resistance are better. It can be used in rubber sheet production to reduce raw material costs. How to apply the best surface rubber in rubber sheet? How much is appropriate?

1.Combination of recycled tread rubber and general rubber

Rubber plates were mostly made of natural rubber with high elasticity and strength. However, natural rubber itself has short plates with poor aging resistance. Therefore, styrene-butadiene rubber 1JLYY1226 and butadiene rubber in synthetic rubber have begun to appear in the rubber plate formula. , To further improve the heat resistance, aging resistance and cold resistance of rubber plates.

Recycled tread rubber has good compatibility with natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, and butadiene rubber. It can be used with one or two rubbers to produce rubber plates, and it can even use recycled tread / natural rubber / styrene-butadiene rubber. / Butadiene rubber is used in combination, but this is not necessary from the perspective of cost and process. The two types of rubber can basically meet the dual requirements of performance and cost of rubber sheet.

2.Combined use of recycled tread rubber and nitrile rubber

With the continuous growth of the application field of rubber sheet, conductive rubber sheet is needed in many occasions. The traditional high cost-effective conductive rubber sheet is generally based on nitrile rubber and processed with acetylene carbon black. Recycled tread rubber, as a low-cost rubber material, can be blended into conductive rubber sheets in appropriate amounts. The conductivity and mechanical strength of conductive rubber sheets can be adjusted by adjusting the amount of tread rubber and acetylene carbon black added.

Tests show that blending 20% of recycled tread rubber with 80% of nitrile rubber can produce rubber plates with high mechanical strength and good electrical conductivity; for conductive rubber plates with low mechanical strength requirements, rubber product manufacturers can increase the tread Amount of recycled rubber.

3.Combined use of recycled tread rubber and tire rubber powder

The mechanical strength of many rubber sheets is not high, and the main role is to prevent slippage, such as sidewalks, playgrounds, etc. At this time, you can use recycled tread rubber alone or use recycled tread rubber with waste tire rubber powder to further reduce the cost of rubber raw materials and Cost of production.

In the production of rubber sheet, the use of recycled tread rubber instead of raw rubber or single use can not only reduce the production cost of rubber sheet, but also realize the recycling of waste rubber tires. As the country's environmental protection efforts continue to increase, environmentally friendly tire recycled rubber will have a higher and higher market share in the future, and environmentally friendly tire tread rubber will be more and more widely used in rubber sheets and other rubber products.