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Can latex reclaimed rubber be vulcanized with sulfur?

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Can latex reclaimed rubber be vulcanized with sulfur?

In the production of rubber products, the internal sulfur bonds and vinyl bonds will crosslink with the rubber to form -CSC-bonds. After the rubber is vulcanized, it has the basic performance. It is the most traditional and most commonly used vulcanizing agent in the rubber products industry; Latex reclaimed rubber is the main raw material to replace natural rubber to reduce production cost. Sulfur is also a commonly used vulcanizing agent in natural rubber rubber products. Then, if latex rubber is used instead of natural rubber to produce rubber products, can sulfur vulcanization 1JLYY85 be selected?

1. Latex reclaimed rubber can be vulcanized with sulfur

The main raw materials of latex reclaimed rubber include natural rubber waste rubber cup rubber, corner scraps produced during the processing of latex products, waste latex gloves, latex finger sleeves, latex balloons, etc., through strict sorting, crushing, desulfurization, filtration, etc. Multi-process processing, in which the high rubber content of latex reclaimed rubber has an effective rubber hydrocarbon content close to that of natural rubber, which is close to the vulcanization performance of natural rubber. Vulcanization flatness and anti-sulfidation resistance are superior to natural rubber. In theory, Sulfur vulcanization is selected, and the choice of sulfur vulcanization when latex reclaimed rubber and natural rubber are used together can also reduce the probability of vulcanization reversion of the rubber compound.

2. Latex reclaimed rubber should be controlled when sulfur vulcanization is selected.

When latex vulcanized rubber is selected for sulfur vulcanization, the higher the amount of sulfur is generally used, the better the mechanical strength of the rubber compound; in order to further improve the physical and mechanical properties of latex reclaimed rubber products such as hardness and tensile stress, many rubber products manufacturers will increase the formulation of latex products. The amount of sulfur used; but the amount of sulfur is too much, the production of latex reclaimed rubber products is prone to the problem of uneven dispersion of sulfur, local scorch or excessive sulfur. Therefore, when sulfur vulcanization is used, it is necessary to control sulfur according to actual needs. Dosage.

3. Light-colored latex reclaimed rubber products can use insoluble sulfur

When sulfur is used as the vulcanizing agent for latex reclaimed rubber products, if the amount of sulfur exceeds the solubility of the surface of the rubber compound, the surface will cause blooming (normal sulfur migration speed is very fast), which seriously affects the appearance and life of the reclaimed rubber product, and is regenerated using white latex. The production of white and light-colored reclaimed rubber products is particularly obvious. In order to ensure that latex reclaimed rubber products do not bloom during parking and use, latex manufacturers can choose insoluble sulfur. Compared with ordinary sulfur, insoluble sulfur exists in the dispersion state of the latex reclaimed rubber and can be uniformly dispersed in the rubber compound, which can avoid the frost spray of the rubber compound, can effectively prevent the sulfur from collecting, and reduce the coke during the storage of the rubber material. Burning tendency.

4. Latex reclaimed rubber / natural rubber should be adjusted to adjust the amount of sulfur

Latex reclaimed rubber and natural rubber have very similar molecular structure and performance characteristics, but there are still some differences; latex reclaimed rubber is more complex than natural rubber, and may contain accelerators, softeners, etc. that are not completely removed. The agent will also affect the vulcanization process of the reclaimed rubber. Therefore, the type and amount of the compounding agent in the formula of the latex-containing reclaimed rubber and the formula of the pure natural rubber product should be reasonably adjusted, especially the amount of sulfur which affects the comprehensive index of the rubber compound.