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Reference formula for blending tread rubber with tread rubber

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Reference formula for blending tread rubber with tread rubber

Common tire rubbers are 101 rubber, 401 rubber, 402 rubber, 201 rubber, 501 rubber, 601 rubber, etc., generally made of natural rubber as the main raw material, processed with various compounding agents. In the 401 tire rubber, the proper amount of tread rubber can be used to reduce the production cost; then what kind of ratio is used in the 401 tire rubber, how to design each What is the system? Xiaobian today recommended to everyone the reference formula of two tread reclaimed rubber and natural rubber to produce tire sealant.

Formulation 1: Natural rubber; 100 parts; Tread reclaimed rubber; 30 parts; Sulfur; 2.6 parts; Zinc oxide; 5 parts; Promoter M 0.75 parts; Stearic acid; 3 parts; Anti-aging agent; 2 parts; Paraffin; Parts; high wear-resistant furnace black; 30 parts; channel black; 15 parts; pine tar; 4.5 parts; total; 193.85 parts.

Formulation 2: natural rubber; 100 parts; tread reclaimed rubber; 50 parts; sulfur; 2.7 parts; zinc oxide; 3 parts; accelerator CZ 0.7 parts; stearic acid; 3 parts; anti-aging agent; 2 parts; Parts; channel black carbon; 40 parts; pine tar; 4 parts; total; 206.4 parts.

The amount of tread reclaimed rubber used in the above two formulations is different, so the type and amount of some compounding agents in the formulation begin to differ. Why? What are the differences between different types of compounding agents?

The amount of sulfur in Formulation 2 is slightly higher than the amount of Sulfur in Formulation 1, because the excess tread reclaimed rubber in Formulation 2 will dilute the concentration of the vulcanizing agent in the formulation vulcanization system, thereby affecting the vulcanization process of the tire rubber; The high wear-resistant furnace black can increase the mechanical strength of the rubber compound and improve the thermal aging resistance of the rubber compound. The grooved carbon black can significantly improve the high elongation property of the rubber material in the natural rubber, and the increase of the tread reclaimed rubber will be to some extent. The tensile strength of the tire rubber is lowered, so that all of the formula 2 uses channel black; while the channel black has a delayed vulcanization effect, so the curing time is short and the anti-fogging is used in the formula 2 having a higher amount of tread reclaimed rubber. Highly active after-effect promoter CZ with excellent burning performance.

The main components of tread reclaimed rubber include natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black and other compounding components in the tire production process. The increase of the tread rubber will affect the plastic compounding process and vulcanization of the rubber tire with natural rubber as the main raw material. Process, etc., therefore, the formula of tread rubber containing tread reclaimed rubber needs to be adjusted according to the amount of tread reclaimed rubber in time, as far as possible to increase the amount of tread reclaimed rubber while improving the indicators of tire rubber, in the premise of ensuring quality Try to reduce more raw material costs and production costs.