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A large number of agricultural tire fillers with recycled rubber are suitable for formula

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A large number of agricultural tire fillers with recycled rubber are suitable for formula

The use of reclaimed rubber in agricultural tire carcass filling can reduce the cost of raw materials. The use of reclaimed rubber can reduce the production cost. However, in actual production, blindly increasing the amount of reclaimed rubber will affect the comprehensive index of agricultural tire filling, so it is necessary Reasonably control the amount of reclaimed rubber, and determine the type and amount of each compounding agent according to the basic performance requirements of the tire filling glue. Eliminate the negative influence of the reclaimed rubber by the compounding agent, and increase the amount of reclaimed rubber as much as possible.

Agricultural tire filling compound example formula

50 parts of natural rubber, 100 parts of recycled rubber, 5 parts of waste rubber powder, 3 parts of stearic acid, 2 parts of zinc oxide, 1 part of antioxidant, 10 parts of carbon black, 85 parts of clay, 40 parts of light calcium, softener 3 Parts, 3 parts of asphalt, 0.5 parts of accelerator, 3.8 parts of sulfur; total: 306.3 parts.

Agricultural tire filling rubber is not particularly high in mechanical strength requirements, so it can be used in a large amount of reclaimed rubber; the tire tread reclaimed rubber in reclaimed rubber products has high mechanical strength, and can be filled in agricultural tire carcass filling glue to ensure filling. The mechanical strength of the glue is qualified, and the production cost can also be reduced; the natural rubber/recycled rubber is used in a ratio of 1/2, which is the common proportion of the rubber agricultural tire manufacturer in the production of the filling glue, and the production enterprise can also adjust according to the specific needs of the tire filling rubber. Recycled rubber dosage.

In the reinforcing filling system of agricultural tire filling glue, the reinforcing agent can choose high wear-resistant furnace black. This kind of carbon black is easy to disperse and easy to process in the rubber compound, and can improve the tensile strength and tear of the filling rubber. Elongation and wear resistance; a large amount of clay and light calcium carbonate can further improve the process performance of the rubber compound and reduce the production cost; the clay filled with agricultural tire filler is preferably surface modified before use, which can play white carbon. The role of black further improves the tear strength and heat resistance of the filler.

When sulfur is used as a vulcanizing agent for agricultural tire fillers, the accelerator M and the accelerator TMTD are used in combination, and the thiazole accelerator M is mainly used as a promoter, and the thiuram TMTD is supplemented, and an appropriate amount of stearic acid is used. Zinc oxide, vulcanized rubber has high vulcanization speed and good vulcanization flatness. The vulcanization degree and vulcanization efficiency of vulcanized rubber can be adjusted by the amount of accelerator TMTD.

The softener in the agricultural tire filling rubber can be selected from pine tar. The pine tar is the pine oil obtained from the dry root and pine pine digestion, and then the residue after removing the acetic acid and the crude turpentine by distillation, and the rubber can be added in the rubber. The viscosity of the product can also promote the uniform dispersion of the compounding agent in the rubber compound, improve the cold resistance of the filler to a certain extent, activate the thiazole accelerator, and delay the vulcanization to prevent scorch at low temperature.

The tire tread reclaimed rubber in the reclaimed rubber has a high rubber content, and the reasonable use in the agricultural tire filling rubber can not only reduce the raw material cost, but also improve the tear strength and aging resistance of the rubber compound; here, the small series suddenly I remembered that I forgot one thing: the use of an appropriate amount of anti-aging agent A in the agricultural tire carcass filling with reclaimed rubber and natural rubber as the main raw material can significantly improve the thermal, oxygen, flexing, weathering and fatigue aging of the filling rubber. Resist and extend service life.