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Formula and performance optimization scheme of tire reclaimed rubber mixed with sidewall rubber

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Formula and performance optimization scheme of tire reclaimed rubber mixed with sidewall rubber

The tire sidewall rubber is mainly used to protect the carcass cord from damage. It needs to withstand frequent flexing and deformation during the running process of the tire. At the same time, it will be affected by heat, light, oxygen, ozone and other factors. The rubber compound is required to have excellent properties. Flexibility, ozone resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance and good adhesion, etc. In actual production, tire sidewall rubber is generally processed with natural rubber, natural rubber/styrene-butadiene rubber/cis-butadiene rubber as the main raw materials, and appropriate amount of tire reclaimed rubber can effectively reduce the cost of raw materials and improve the process performance and performance of the rubber. Finished product performance.

1. Reference formula for tire sidewall mixed with tire reclaimed rubber

35 parts of natural rubber, 25 parts of cis-butadiene rubber, 40 parts of styrene-butadiene rubber, 30 parts of tire reclaimed rubber, 4 parts of zinc oxide, 3 parts of stearic acid, 3.5 parts of antioxidant, 1.5 parts of dispersant, 70 parts of carbon black, accelerator 0.85 parts of the agent, 1.6 parts of sulfur, 6.5 parts of aromatic oil, and 8.8 parts of others; total: 229.75 parts.

2. Selection skills of tire reclaimed rubber for tire sidewall rubber

The tire sidewall rubber needs to protect the tire carcass from mechanical damage and external moisture erosion, and has strict requirements on the flexural resistance, aging crack resistance and puncture resistance of the rubber compound. When the sidewall rubber is mixed with tire reclaimed rubber 2ELYY616 to reduce the cost, it is recommended to choose high-strength tire tread reclaimed rubber processed with more than 900 tire tread rubber powder as raw material. It has high effective rubber hydrocarbon content and high mechanical strength. To ensure the performance and life of tire sidewall rubber.

3. Optimization of sidewall rubber formulations mixed with tire reclaimed rubber

When using tire reclaimed rubber to prepare high-performance and low-cost sidewall rubber, in addition to selecting the appropriate reclaimed rubber, it is also necessary to design the formula reasonably and further optimize the formula on the basis of the original formula. In actual production, appropriately reducing the amount of cis-butadiene rubber and increasing the amount of styrene-butadiene rubber can improve the wear resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance of the sidewall rubber. To improve the flexural resistance and impact resistance of the sidewall rubber containing tire reclaimed rubber, it is necessary to select suitable varieties of carbon black such as N550, N650, N774, etc.; if necessary, add 5-10 parts of precipitated silica to improve the sidewall The adhesive is resistant to flexing, impact and tearing, and reduces the collapse of the block.

In actual production, the performance requirements of different types of tire sidewall rubber are different, and the proportion of tire reclaimed rubber is very different. The amount of reclaimed rubber is generally controlled  5-10 copies. Later, the editor will continue to share with you the specific application of tire reclaimed rubber in various types of tire sidewall rubber.

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