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Screening of regenerated rubber for non migration tires

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Screening of regenerated rubber for non migration tires

Many of the rubber products have different colors, such as white and black, white and color, and are most widely used in the shoe material. The primary problem that needs to face in a variety of colors is the problem of moving deep color to light color, such as the problem of yellowing caused by the migration of black sole to white Yanbian. The regenerative rubber of non migration tire is developed for this purpose, not only does not migrate, but also needs to pay attention to many problems in order to meet the requirements of the insipid environmental protection type of shoe material. Now let's take a look at what the non regenerative rubber tire looks like, and whether it is different from ordinary tire reclaimed rubber.

As you can see, there is no apparent difference in appearance. Some manufacturers decide whether they will migrate after 24-48 hours of simple white self spray painting. The migration of regenerated glue is mainly based on the selection of oil and tires. The taste and environmental protection are also the same as the choice of non migration rubber oil and tires. The two are complementary and indispensable.

Non migrating tire adhesives can be broadly classified into three categories:

1. Fine non migration of tire rubber. The fineness of these products is generally about 28 mesh. It has pungent taste and is relatively inexpensive. It is mostly used for low-grade products or industrial products.

2, ultrafine and tasteless non migration tire glue. The fineness is about 60 mesh, with no obvious sensory taste and moderate price. It is suitable for domestic shoe materials, composite assembled rubber parts and so on.

3, environmental protection ultrafine and tasteless non migration tire rubber. The fineness is in the 60-80 order, and some of the customized products may be filtered, in line with the EU ROHS environmental testing directive, with no obvious sensory taste, the highest price in similar products, and more for export rubber or combination toys.

The choice of non migration tire glue is mainly to solve the problem of migration (some need weight bearing, some may be soaked), it needs careful screening when screening, and it is not the higher the price, the better the effect of non migration. It is suggested that the better the material first consult, describe the more detailed the better the product demand, first do experiments and then try small batch trial, follow the manufacturer's technology. Communication is the key.