HONGYUN Introduction

Hengshui Hongyun Special Recycled Rubber Co., Ltd. is a well-known specialty reclaimed rubber research and development production base in the country established a 7 professional reclaimed rubber production base, 39 professional and special recycled rubber production lines, a comprehensive R & D center, 11 Sales subsidiaries, has developed into production, research, development, import and sale of one-stop service of the largest group of recycled rubber companies.

The company has the following departments: Purchasing Department, Production Department, R & D Department, Technology Department, Dispatching Department, Finance Department, Products Department, Sales Department and Chemical Industry Department. It has 13 senior rubber engineers and 32 professional technicians. The main raw materials come from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the United States, Japan, etc .; Production Department, R & D Department located in the mining and oil fields, renewable plastic manufacturing equipment and desulfurization technology introduced in Germany. First-class high-quality raw materials, sophisticated production equipment, complete testing means, the world's advanced desulfurization technology, high-tech research and development personnel, scientific and three-dimensional management to ensure the long-term stability of product quality, rubber products by domestic and foreign enterprises welcomed and Trust, Fortune special recycled rubber is now sold in Russia, South Korea, North Korea, Japan and 27 domestic provinces and cities.

According to China's authoritative market advisory body statistics: Fortune 2008 regal specialty recycled rubber market in China reached 46.2% share of renewable rubber, still maintain the first sales of recycled rubber; especially in the field of specialty recycled rubber, Hongyun latex reclaimed rubber market share Still far ahead; in the high-strength reclaimed rubber, ROHS environmental odorless reclaimed rubber and other technology are also in the world's leading level. "Technical Services" -type Fortune special recycled rubber Co., Ltd. is committed to providing rubber products to meet the needs of rubber products, special renewable rubber raw materials and production technology solutions to achieve a win-win business and users. In 2017, Fortune will implement the principle of "honesty and integrity and development for development" in the fourteenth year through the combination of special recycled rubber and production and application to further promote the recycling of waste resources and the application of special recycled rubber in China Technology in the rubber products manufacturing industry widely used to establish a user-centric information from the process to build a global operation of products, technology, information flow network, create the Chinese nation's own special brand of recycled rubber!

  • Quality stable quality such as one
    Insist on waste material self mining, crushing and desulphurization, not buying raw materials of finished rubber powder, sampling inspection for every batch of products, and confirming the quality of the two tests before leaving the warehouse. The price of reclaimed rubber will follow the market fluctuation, not to spell price and reduce quality.
  • Stable supply and timely guarantee
    The 39 recycled rubber production line, ensure each kind of reclaimed rubber stock to maintain normal; its own logistics center in the national distribution, to ensure fast and safe delivery of goods, invoice with the goods; the two sale does not affect the free exchange of goods without worries.
  • Free formula technical guidance
    Rubber engineers provide basic technical guidance for basic formulations and curing processes, and can also optimize new combinations based on the original formula. Thousands of rubber companies use witnesses to reduce the cost of raw materials and electricity by guaranteeing the quality of products.

China HONGYUN Recycled Rubber Factory