Notice on price rise of hongyun nitrile rubber in July 2018

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Dear Hongyun Deputy Brand Nitrile Glue User:


First of all, thank you for your recognition of Hongyun's brand of nitrile rubber. Recently, due to the continuous improvement of the raw material cost of nitrile rubber and other production costs, our company provides customers with high quality products based on the principle of quality first. Service, had to raise the price of the secondary brand of nitrile rubber products, the company's board of directors decided to: from July 25, 2018, raised the price of 2# brown sub-brand nitrile rubber, the increase rate is 500 yuan / ton; 2018 Customers who have applied for the full payment before 12:00 on July 25 will be executed according to the remittance price, and all new prices will be executed afterwards.

Hongyun Recycled Rubber will continue to provide high quality products for everyone. In the later stage, we will continue to adjust product prices according to market material price fluctuations. We promise not to lower product specifications and performance due to raw material price adjustment. Please call new sales and purchases before the new and old customers apply for payment. Request the latest reclaimed rubber price.

Sales Department: 0318-2686766 13091187722

Sales two: 13831892680

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this price adjustment, please forgive me!