Hongyun Special Reclaimed Rubber Company's 2024 Spring Festival holiday notice

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Dear Hongyun special reclaimed rubber users:


Hongyun Special Recycled Rubber Co., Ltd. (including sales department, technology department, finance department, chemical department) decided to take a holiday from February 1 to February 18, 2024, and work normally on February 19, 2024, the holiday time for the production department and the product department is from February 5 to February 15, and the normal work on February 16, and the holiday time of the dispatching department will be notified separately.

The recovery of logistics in the province is expected to be on February 22, and the normal transportation of inter-provincial logistics is expected to be around February 26, and new and old friends across the country will stock up in advance, so as not to delay your production!

Sales: 0318-2686766

Finance Department: 13091187722

Emergency Contact: 13831892680

Hengshui Hongyun Reclaimed Rubber Factory once again reminds the majority of reclaimed rubber users to check the inventory in time and make arrangements for the goods in advance; We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause