The impact of the epidemic and limited logistics, Hongyun Special Reclaimed Rubber Company reminds y

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Dear users of Hongyun Special Reclaimed Rubber:


At present, the overall situation of the international new crown pneumonia epidemic is severe, with multiple mutant virus strains appearing. Sporadic cases have again appeared in some areas of the country, and there is uncertainty in the later period of the epidemic. The cold weather this year is superimposed by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Logistics will be restricted before the Spring Festival in 2021. It is expected that the national logistics will be suspended from January 15 to January 18, and it will be suspended in remote areas. Hongyun Special Recycled Rubber Co., Ltd. expects new and old customers across the country to arrange cargo transportation and warehouse stocking in advance, so as not to affect your company's production plan!

During the epidemic, please wash your hands frequently, wear masks, avoid gatherings, and go out less frequently, and persist in doing a good job in epidemic prevention.

Hongyun Special Reclaimed Rubber Company once again reminds the majority of reclaimed rubber users to check the inventory in time and make a plan to book in advance to avoid the situation that the goods cannot be shipped. If you have any questions during this period, please contact the company's sales department. This gives you the inconvenience, please understand!

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