Hongyun Special Recycled Rubber Company 2020 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice

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Dear users of Hongyun Special Recycled Rubber:

Hello !

Hongyun Special Recycled Rubber Co., Ltd. (including Production Department, Product Department, Sales Department, Scheduling Department, Technology Department, Finance Department, Chemical Department) 2020 Dragon Boat Festival holiday 1 day (June 25), resume normal work on June 26 .

We hope that new and old customers can arrange the stock in advance according to your production plan, so as not to affect your production. Customers who urgently need Hongyun Special Recycled Rubber during the holidays can directly contact the duty manager of each department.

Sales Department: 0318-2686766

Finance Department: 13091187722

Emergency contact information: 13831892680

This gives you the inconvenience, please understand!