Hongyun Special Recycled Rubber Company new product release notice

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Dear users of Hongyun Special Recycled Rubber:


To think about what customers want and solve their needs, the normal production and operation of rubber products companies during the epidemic were severely affected. In order to alleviate the cost pressure of rubber product companies during the epidemic, Hongyun Special Recycled Rubber Company specially launched Hongyun EPDM reclaimed rubber New series of products: Hongyun EPDM recycled rubber (level 3).

Fortune EPDM reclaimed rubber (Grade 3) is cheaper and more cost-effective. It can meet the different needs of EPDM rubber products. Customers in need can directly contact the relevant departments of the company.

Hengshui Hongyun Special Recycled Rubber Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development and production of special recycled rubber for many years. Hongyun will continue to take "reduce the cost of more rubber products for customers" as its research and development goal, aiming to provide rubber product enterprises with more to meet the demand for The cost of new rubber raw materials.

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